Unity 5.4.0p1 Patch Released


Unity have released another patch for the Unity game engine.  Composed primarily of fixes, the only new improvements in this patch are removal of the 16GB limit on Windows and an update to Oculus plugin 1.6.

From the release notes:

  • Linux: Removed 16GB total memory limit.
  • VR: Oculus Plugin updated to version 1.6.
  • (811963) Android: Audio – Fixed glitches on GearVR when Best Latency is selected.
  • (746248) Android: Buildpipe – Don’t check for passwords if exporting project.
  • (746248) Android: Buildpipe – Don’t merge manifests if exporting project.
  • (797965) Android: Editor – Added a workaround for AAPT sometimes crashing for no good reason.
  • (808817, 805086, 801150) Android: Fix for clip() in ES3 shaders on some Adreno devices
  • (813681) Animation: Fixed a crash that happened when disabling a gameobject during animation-triggered physics callbacks.
  • (813105) Animation: Fixed an issue where an assert that couldn’t be acted upon was popping in the AvatarMask inspector.
  • (813805) DX11: Fixed some drivers crashing when using GPU skinning and tessellation shaders happen to be set up.
  • (none) Editor: Fixed the inspector UI for some Renderers where Light Probe and Reflection Probe options were not displayed correctly.
  • (none) GI: Fixed performance regression of LightProbes.GetInterpolatedProbe API.
  • (814402, 811236) Graphics: Fixed image effects being rendered twice when the camera is instantiated from prefab or copying another camera. This issue was player only.
  • (809995) IL2CPP: Corrected an exception during code generation with the NPOI library.
  • (807653) IL2CPP: Fixed IPEndPoint on IPv6 network.
  • (813962) IL2CPP: Generated C++ code properly for two structs that contain arrays of each other as fields.
  • (815722) IL2CPP: Prevent a stack overflow during code conversion which can occur for mutli-dimensional arrays with generic types.
  • (812570) IL2CPP: Properly marshal delegates when they are fields of a struct.
  • (818102) IL2CPP: Renamed the types.h file to be il2cpp-string-types.h to avoid the possibility of is conflicted with a user-defined header file.
  • (809864) IL2CPP/PS4: Fixed the exception “System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: System call failed” which can occur when UDP sockets are used.
  • (805892) IL2CPP/XBoxOne: Prevent the C+ compiler from crashing while compiling the IL2CPPCompilerCalculateTypeValues.cpp file for some projects. This file was just too large in these cases, so IL2CPP will not generate multiple smaller files instead.
  • (817335) iOS: Fixed iOS 10 simulator crash.
  • (808536) iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed an error in generated C++ code due to duplicate extern declarations when an extern method in C# is overloaded.
  • (735709) Linux: Added fall back to NET_WM_ICON for custom player icon.
  • (816514) Linux: Don’t unnecessarily clear mouse position.
  • (810964) Mono: Properly locate the libMonoPosixHelper.dylib file in the editor on OS X when it is used.
  • (820523) OS X: Fixed HTTPS support for WWW/UnityWebRequest when Mac App Store receipt validation is on.
  • (772640, 817337) Profiler: Fixed GPU profiling showing “N/A” for most draw calls, instead of associating with proper objects.
  • (813763) UnityWebRequest: Fixed errors in console when downloading texture.
  • (none) UnityWebRequest: Fixed memory leak and possible crash when doing mulpiple request using the same object
  • (817745) VR: Fixed possible crash on shutdown.
  • (818044) WebGL: Fixed compressed build files (.*gz) creation if they already exist.
  • (796508) WWW: Fixed occasional crashes in il2cpp projects.


The patch is available for download here.

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