Unity 5.5 Finally Out Of Beta


After a good period of development time, Unity 5.5 is finally out of beta.  Well worth the wait however, Unity 5.5 contains an impressive number of new features.5_5_feature_curveboxtool_1


Some of the major features of the 5.5 release include:


  • addition of Microsoft HoloLens support.
  • codeless In-App purchases
  • improved particle systems
    • new light module, attach lights to particles
    • new noise module
    • new Trails module
    • improved Color Gradient tools
  • improved Animation Window workflow
    • new box tool for improved keyframe management
    • clamped-auto tangent mode in curve editor
  • better line renderer component
  • new splash screen tool
  • Look Dev, an HDR image based lighting tool
  • Visual Studio Code support
  • Unity Collaborate (team server) available in Beta


These are just the major features of the release, there are dozens more detailed in the release notes available here.

As this is a full release and not a beta , Unity 5.5 is available for download using the usual download page.

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