Unity 6 Preview Released

Unity have just released Unity 6 Preview. This is the final, feature complete version of Unity before the complete Unity 6 launch. This makes it an important release due to the fact this is the final release of the Unity game engine without the controversial new Unity run-time fee attached.

Details of the release from the Unity blog:

We’re excited to announce the release of Unity 6 Preview, which is available for you to download today. Unity 6 Preview (formerly known as 2023.3 Tech Stream) is the last release of our development cycle for Unity 6, which is launching late this year.

Last November at Unite, we announced that we were updating our naming conventions (you can read more about these changes in this forum post).

Unity 6 Preview is structured just like a Tech Stream release. It’s a supported release that gives you a head start using new and updated features in projects that are in discovery or prototyping stages. For projects in production, we recommend using the Unity 2022 LTS release for greater stability and support.

Here are a few highlights from the Unity 6 Preview, which also includes features released in 2023.1, and 2023.2. You can also find more details in the official release notes.

The following is a very important aspect of the Unity 6 release from the announcement blog:

Unity 6 Preview is most suitable for testing during preproduction, discovery, and prototyping phases of your development process. However, if any code, functionality, or fixes from any Unity 6 version are incorporated in a live game, it may be subject to the applicable runtime fees if the game is upgraded to Unity 6 in General Availability (provided the Runtime Fee criteria are met).

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You can learn more about the Unity 6 Preview release and the new features it contains in the video below.

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