Unity Announced Unity AI

Just a few days after we covered the impressive ChatGPT integration demo from a Unity developer, Unity have formally announced Unity AI. Right now details are exceptionally vague, with Unity releasing a video that shows the kinds of things you can request of Unity AI, but no actual results. At this point all that exists is that video, the tweet below and a sign-up insider page.

From the sign up page:

Imagine more with Unity

Faster creation, better games

Unity is building an open and unique AI ecosystem that will put AI-powered game-development tools in the hands of millions of creators. Soon they’ll be able to more quickly create and deliver amazing real-time 3D content and experiences for billions of users around the world.

Sign up to stay in the loop and watch the video for a sneak peek of what’s coming.

…and that is the extent of what we know. You can learn more about Unity AI in the video below.

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