Unity Best Of 2018 Holiday Sale On Now

Following up on the usual Black Friday sales bonanza, Unity are doing another sale on some of the most popular assets in the Unity Store.  One very cool difference to this sale is you only pay for what you don’t own when purchasing a bundle.   So for example, if you own an item in a bundle, the cost of that item is subtracted from the total and you still get the full savings on all of the remaining items in the bundle.  In a world with so many sales, it’s becoming increasingly common to own an item or two in a sale, making the sale much less valuable on the remaining items, so I appreciate this approach.

The bundles include:

The Best of 2018 Bundle

A collection of the most popular assets from 2018, with no over arching theme other than quality.

Procedural Worlds Bundle

A collection of tools from Procedural Worlds, most well known for Gaia, which you can see in action here.

Heroic Fantasy Pack

A collection of 90 fully rigged and animated fantasy characters.

Polygon Library

A collection of 21 model packs from Synty Studios for a wide variety of different themes.

Each bundle is @ 55% off.  The offer runs until the end of 2018, except the Best of 2018 pack which runs until January 6th.  All of the above links contain an affiliate code and help the channel financially should you decide to make a purchase. 

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