Unity Game Engine Patch 5.3.4p6 Released


You have to love the new speed of releases for major game engines, it’s a great trend and I hope it keeps up.  As the title suggests, Unity have released a new patch bringing the version to 5.3.4p6.  Once again this patch is composed almost entirely of fixes and is not considered dangerous or beta.

The changes include:

  • Cluster Rendering : Improvement on cluster networking layer and reduced instability while using cluster input.
  • (788040) – Android: Buildpipe – Don’t make use of preview SDK tools installed.
  • (786918) – Android: Buildpipe – Fixed AAPT errors on project export.
  • (765396) – Android: Buildpipe – Fixed AAR plugin and resource issues on exported projects.
  • (779338) – Android: Fixed immersive mode switching off on some KitKat devices when pressing volume buttons.
  • (779877) – Android: Fixed potential crash when using WWW without having Internet permission (also affects use of Unity Analytics).
  • (none) – Android: Fixed potential race condition in atomic access on ARM processors.
  • (689644) – Animation: Fixed scale value getting zeroed when removing scale curve components in AnimationWindow.
  • (762739) – AssetBundles: Fixed Compress Assets On Import setting ignored when switching platform
  • (734216) – AssetBundles: FIxed CreateFromMemory not working with “.” in filenames.
  • (790345) – Editor: Fixed New installed Unity command line activation issue.
  • (776528) – iOS: Fixed memory leak when using On Demand Resources.
  • (783713) – MacOSX Editor: Fixed UI text rendering on Radeon HD 4000 series and older AMD GPUs.
  • (763638) – OpenGL: Fixed mislocated fragment shader default float precision. Now also basing the default precision on actual HW capabilities.
  • (784880) – OpenGL: Fixed rendering when Graphics.Blit is being called after WaitForEndOfFrame.
  • (none) – OpenGL: Shader compiler: Added unused global uniform pruning.
  • (780831) – OpenGL: Shader compiler: Avoid temp name collisions.
  • (782514) – OpenGL: Shader compiler: Fixed shader translation bugs.
  • (773226) – Particles: Fixed a case where if OnWillRenderObject renders, it breaks the main scene.
  • (788023) – Particles: Fixed batching issues when using multiple cameras in the same position.
  • (780257) – Physics2D: Fixed a problem where both AreaEffector2D and PointEffector2D scaled-up forces for each additional collider on a rigidbody.
  • (none) – Physics2D: Fixed a problem where constantly changing an Effector2D collider would mean that no contacts were ever processed stopping the effector from working.
  • (754351) – Prefabs: Implemented OnWillSaveAssets callback when applying prefabs.
  • (764711) – UI: Fixed issue with crash due to dirty renderer being in the dirty list after being destroyed.
  • (none) – VR: Fixed an issue with incorrect Render Texture size being used. Most notable with deferred rendering.
  • (none) – VR: VRFocus now respects RunInBackground. Run In Background value of true will now disable rendering if VRFocus is lost.
  • (none) – Wii U: Fixed issues causing known crashes.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Fixed an assert happening during mesh compression.
  • (789538) – Windows Store: Fixed Build & Run for Universal 8.1 solution.
  • (789439) – Windows Store: The maximum amount of characters for short name for tiles will be 40 now.

The patch is available for download on Windows and Mac here.

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