Unity Launch Unity Gaming Services

First launched in beta in October of 2021, Unity have just release Unity Gaming Services. Unity Gaming Services, or UGS is a broad suite of online components for managing game networking, matchmaking, LiveOPs, voice communication, monetization and much more, all controlled through a single dashboard. The question is, will this paid service be able to compete with Epic Online Services which launched for free?

Details of the UGS launch from the Unity blog:

Unity Gaming Services (UGS) has graduated out of beta with tools that help developers tackle the challenges of building a live game. 

We launched Unity Gaming Services last October, a platform that helps developers build solid foundations, create engaging player experiences, and drive game growth. The launch saw eight new products enter beta with tens of thousands of game developers in 120+ countries signing up.

With every studio, developer, and game being unique, we designed UGS to be modular to let you work the way you want. Integrate with the engine of your choice – like Unity, Unreal, or a homebrew – and choose what tools you need. One dashboard with centralized data and SDKs designed for interoperability means less time managing your tech stack and more time creating, so developers can focus on great gameplay.

You can learn more about the various services that compose Unity Gaming Services in the video below.

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