Unity Lost Crypt Demo

Unity have just released a new demo project the Lost Crypt.  Over the last year a large number of new 2D features have been added to Unity and this project demonstrates how to use them all together in a simple 2D game.

Details from the Lost Crypt blog post:

Highly skilled teams have been making gorgeous 2D games with Unity for years, but we wanted to enable everyone, from individual artists to large teams, to have even more 2D tools available to create great-looking games. And many of them will be production-ready as part of Unity 2019.3, which is currently available in beta.

We created Lost Crypt using the complete suite of 2D tools. This lively scene features animation, light effects, organic terrain, shaders, and post-processing, all made natively in 2D. It shows how teams and projects of all sizes, targeting any platform, can now get more engaging and beautiful results faster.

Lost Crypt should run well on any desktop computer and we have also implemented on-screen controls with the new Input System in case you want to run it on an iOS or Android device. In our tests it ran at 30 fps on common devices like an iPhone 6S.

The Lost Crypt example is available in the Unity Asset store.

In addition to the new 2D demo, Unity are also running three Mega Bundles with savings up to 90% off.  Finally a reminder that back in October Unity announced price increases, and those go into effect on January 1st.  Check out more details of the Lost Crypt videos and sales in the video below.

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