Unity MegaBundle X Racing Game Assets

There are only a few days left in Unity’s 10th Anniversary MegaBundle X that we previously discussed here. Taking a quick look through the assets in the bundle it becomes clear that there are a number of assets that would be perfect for people looking to create a racing game. Today we are going to look at the following assets from the bundle:

Edy’s Vehicle Physics

This asset contains the logic you need to control your cars, from fast drifting sports cars to city buses.

EasyRoads3D Pro

Quickly and easily create and populate road networks using a simple spline based approach, both in the editor and dynamically at run-time, with a terrain aware system.

Toon Racing

A collection of toon shader styled racing cars, rally cars and monster trucks. It also contains several props, track pieces and more for creating a full racing game with a consistent art style.


Add dynamic weather systems, day/night cycles, pouring rain and more to your racing game with UniStorm.

Oak Trees Pack

They’re trees. Oak trees. There are 5 of them, enough said.

The above links contain affiliate codes that pay GFS a small commission if you purchase anything (thanks so much if you do!). Of course be sure to use the Bundle Link and not individual asset links to get the savings, at least until November 12th. You can learn more and see all the above assets in action in the video below.

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