Unity NetCode For GameObjects Released

Years after UNet networking was depreciated and MLAPI was offered as a stop gap solution, Unity finally has a built-in networking solution in the form of NetCode for GameObjects. This builds upon the lower level Unity Transport (which was also updated), Unity for GameObjects is an ideal solution for Unity developers looking to make smaller scale networked games, such as co-op titles.

NetCode for GameObjects is described as:

Netcode for GameObjects is a networking library built for the Unity game engine. This release primarily focuses on creating small scale cooperative games, and Netcode for GameObjects pairs well for P2P games in this category with the Unity Relay and Unity Lobby solutions.

This is a foundational release that you can rely on to keep your simulations synchronized with support for scene management, animation, physics, and more.

As we work on new scenarios, we would love to hear what you need from us for your project. You can view and vote on our roadmap items to get involved in the development journey of Netcode for GameObjects.

The equivalent solution for ECS/DOTS developers, Netcode for Entities is still under development. In addition to the new Netcode and Unity Transport release, Unity have released a number of new networking examples as well as a Battle Royale style example showcasing using 200+ player networking using Photon and various Unity online services.

Key Links

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Boss Room Example

Galactic Kittens Example

Invaders Sample

BR200 Battle Royale Example

You can learn more about the new NetCode for GameObjects release and other new Unity networking announcements in the video below.

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