Unity Patch 5.3.1p1


Unity just released the first patch for Unity 5.3.

From the release notes:

  • (706098) – Compute: Improved compute shader import times, particularly on Windows (since 5.1 we were always compiling them for GL4.3+GLES3.1 too, while most people only need DX11).
  • (754898) – GI: Light probes and ambient (everything with SH calculations) match ground truth more closely now.
  • IL2CPP: Optimize method prologues for code size and incremental builds.
  • SceneManagement: Add Scene.GetRootGameObjects() to return the root game objects of the scene.
  • SceneManagement: Add SceneManager.CreateScene() API to allow creating new empty scene at runtime
  • tvOS: Enable Dynamic GI
  • iOS: Enable bitcode support by default.
  • (687655) – Core: Fixed: Not ignoring ‘~’ folders in projects
  • (none) – Android: Fixed NullReferenceException on x86 devices running Android 5.0 or newer.
  • (750362) – Android: Fixed Cloth::SetUpSkinnedBuffers() crash.
  • (none) – DX11/XB1: Fixed FP16 static batched mesh vertex compression to actually work there, was always decompressing to FP32 before.
  • (none) – DX11: Fixed wrong VRAM detection on some Intel GPUs, resulting in shadows not being rendered.
  • (none) – Editor: Fixed MissingMethodException when using some of the API from UnityEngine.WSA namespace.
  • (754898) – GI: Fixed light probes / skybox ambient being wrong in some cases, 5.3 regression.
  • (740808), (747666) – Global Illumination: Enlighten – Fixed an issue where Unity crashed if scene was unloaded before it got a chance to fully load.
  • (752879) – Graphics: Fixed – Realtime reflection probes in some cases did not have trilinear filtering properly set on them.
  • (691038) – IL2CPP: Ensure thread id is valid for all threads.
  • (752737), (751428) – IL2CPP: Fixed an issue that caused a crash in Class::IsSubclassOf.
  • (737529) IL2CPP: Fixed ExecutionEngineException being thrown on System.Reflection.MonoProperty::GetterAdapterFrame.
  • (752153) – IL2CPP: Implemented out marshaling for arrays correctly.
  • (746822) – IL2CPP: Implemented the Thread::Abort and Thread::ResetAbort methods. This should allow a Socket to be closed properly while another thread is waiting in a call to Accept or Connect on that socket.
  • (749988), (733609) – IL2CPP: Properly cleanup when a native thread is cancelled rather than exiting normally.
  • (750153) – IL2CPP: Provide a proper argument for instance methods on value types invoked via a delegate.
  • (none) – iOS/IL2CPP: Fire all GC profiler events. Fixed GC data in internal profiler.
  • (755365) – iOS/tvOS: Build all object files with correct SDK.
  • (752178) – iOS: Added bitcode support.
  • (750311) – iOS: Added Xcode 7.2 to iOS plugin compatibility list.
  • (749289) – iOS: Duplicate another image layer when not all are defined.
  • (none) – Linux: Fixed a corner case where tearing would occur on some WMs even with vsync enabled.
  • (753595) – Mecanim: Fixed a bug where lights would not be animated in Legacy.
  • (752847) – Mecanim: Fixed a bug where RectTransform couldn’t be animated in Legacy.
  • (none) – Metal: Wrongly claimed to support DXT1/DXT5 texture formats on iOS, and ETC on Mac.
  • (691466) – Mono: Preserve non-volatile XMM registers across calls on 64-bit Windows during JIT compilation.
  • (none) – OpenGL core: Fixed shaders with multiple const arrays.
  • (755423) – Particles: Fixed error message spam on particle systems that have no particles (5.3.1 regression).
  • (none) – SamsungTV: Fixed wrong jpg library access problem.
  • (748904) – SceneManagement: Fixed the issue that script association was lost when another scene was loaded.
  • (none) – SceneManagement: Fixed the issue that the unloaded scenes would be removed from the hierarchy when entering playmode, if they were first in the hierarchy
  • (none) – Shaders: Fixed a bug in Standard shader GGX specular term, introduced in 5.3.
  • (none) – Shaders: More proper environment reflection in Standard shader for very rough surfaces.
  • (753925) – tvOS: Fixed rendering path selector in player settings.
  • (756044) – tvOS: Fixed missing symbols for simulator builds.
  • (none) – tvOS: Fixed UnityEngine.Apple.TV.Remote API access in editor.
  • (740782) – UI: Fixed crash in some cases after deleting world space Canvas.
  • (751207) – Windows Store Apps: Populate autorotation settings to screen manager.
  • (752546) – Windows Store Apps: Fixed Directory.CreateDirectory() for forward slashes.

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