Unity Patch 5.3.3p2 Released


Another Unity patch has been released, this one is Unity Patch 5.3.3p2.  It contains the following new features, as per the release notes:

  • Android: Audio – Don’t select OpenSL output if the native device params are too bad for fast path (fixes audio issues on buggy devices).
  • Android: Buildpipe – Updated SDK tools requirements for the Editor.
  • Android: Editor – Added Marshmallow to the list of APIs.
  • Android: IL2CPP – Use Android NDK x64 on x64 Windows Editor.
  • Android: SoftInput – Get rid of hardcoded text color, switch to Light theme.
  • Windows: Added a new command line argument for standalone builds: window-mode. Options: borderless, exclusive. It lets users override the default fullscreen window behavior.
  • (768974) – Android: Fixed alignment crash on some Android ARM devices.
  • (734124) – Android: Fixed an issue where Ping wouldn’t work in release mode.
  • (762875) – Android: Fixed black screen or crash during startup on old PVR devices (Samsung Galaxy S I9000).
  • (759195) – Android: Fixed bug in Texture.GetPixels for ETC compressed textures.
  • (763447) – Android: IL2CPP – Fixed build errors on NDK paths with whitespaces.
  • (766698) – Android: IL2CPP – Fixed crash on second startup after installation.
  • (714661) – Asset Bundles: Only reimport when setting asset bundle name if cache server is connected.
  • (none) – Crash: Fixed GenerateSecondaryUVs crashes on certain meshes.
  • (759231) – Editor: Don’t call OnLevelWasLoaded on the first scene when entering play mode.
  • (747856) – Editor: Fix for clustering allocation while navigating.
  • (767728) – Editor: Fixed an issue when opening a scene from the Project Browser while in playmode it resulted in that scene being loaded even after going out of playmode.
  • (766469) – Editor: Fixed a crash when selecting prefab.
  • (756004) – Editor: Fixed the issue of GUI.Windows background not being tinted by GUI.colors anymore.
  • (754127) – Editor: Fixed an issue that made GameObjects disappear from the Editor if they have an associated editor script that made use of DontDestroyOnLoad.
  • (758409) – Editor: Fixed the issue of marking scene dirty when creating prefab by dragging from Hierarchy window to Project.
  • (757027) – Editor: Fixed the issue of marking the scene dirty when pressing the apply button on a prefab instance.
  • (760112) – Editor: Fixed misleading decompression warning in emulation.
  • (765159) – Editor: Fixed startup when Unity is in a path with multi-byte characters.
  • (767222) – Global Illumination: Fixed crash when building lighting with a specific scene setup.
  • (771292) – Graphics: Fixed an issue where setting a material’s shader to null would crash the editor.
  • (723960) – iOS: Fix redirect for WWW
  • (753888) – Mecanim: Fixed an issue with Animation clip length for bundled clip.
  • (760612) – Mecanim: Fixed AnimationClip.SampleAnimation memory leak.
  • (756129) – Mecanim: Fixed Animator with statemachine behaviour runtime compile error not firing callback on the right SMB.
  • (none) – Mecanim: Fixed assert when using Animator.MatchTarget.
  • (769964) – Mecanim: Fixed long start play mode for scene with a lot of controller.
  • (765141) – Mecanim: Fixed StateMachineBehaviours on layer not being called properly.
  • (754510) – Networking: Send Error: val > 0 on user disconnect, results in memory write violation and editor crash.
  • (none) – Networking: Fixed a crash due to wrong initialization of connection.
  • (762687) – OpenGL: Fixed Graphics API switching between different OpenGL versions.
  • (762687) – OpenGL: Fixed Graphics API switching to OpenGL ES.
  • (767857), (766778) – OpenGL: Fixed Mesh skinning artifacts in editor.
  • (763875) – OpenGL: Fixed point size support using GLSL snippets.
  • (none) – OpenGL: Fixed various shader compiler issues for OpenGL ES 3 / Core.
  • (none) – OS X: Fixed OpenGL performance regression on NVidia GPUs.
  • (740580) – Trails: Fixed an issue where trails would randomly vanish/flicker.
  • (none) – UI: Stopped raycast from traversing up the hierarchy when a canvas with override sorting is encountered.
  • (767206) – Wii U: Fixed a crash on secondary error confirmation.

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