Unity Patch 5.3.4p5 Released


Another Unity patch has been released.  Other than an update in the Oculus Rift SDK and removal of the requirement for the OVRPlugin, this release is composed entirely of fixes.


  • VR: Updated Oculus API and plugin to version 1.3.2. Downloading 1.3.2 OVRPlugin from Oculus is no longer necessary.
  • (703290, 786195) – Batch mode: Fixed an issue where BuildPlayer calls might cause compilation errors to be logged in subsequent runs.
  • (788555) – D3D11: Fixed exclusive mode window reactivation issues after focus has been lost.
  • (none) – D3D11: Fixed some rare crashes on memory constrained systems (log would contain resource creation failure messages).
  • (775898) – Editor: Now show alert pop over for invalid serial format.
  • (779129) – Graphics: Fixed TrailRenderer showing a gap between current position and the last update.
  • (789905) – IL2CPP: Emit proper C++ code for COM marshaling of methods that have at least one parameter that cannot be marshaled.
  • (786499) – IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for the OnSerialize method injected by UNET in classes deriving from NetworkProximityChecker.
  • (787687) – IL2CPP: Generated proper C++ code for assemblies compiled with Visual Studio when a method returning an IntPtr returns an integer value.
  • (785036) – iOS/tvOS: Fixed a regression which caused artefacts when using GLES2 Graphics API.
  • (780329) – iOS: Fixed UnityWebRequest hanging on responses > 64k when using a custom DownloadHandlerScript.
  • (783527) – MemoryProfiler: Added toggle to exclude references in detailed memory dump to reduce memory footprint used.
  • (783433) – Particles: Fixed a crash when using Inherit Velocity Module curves.
  • (766891) – Physics: Provide feedback to allow working around crashes occurring when input meshes contains invalid vertices.
  • (none) – Samsung TV: Enabled a “Show Unity Splash Screen” check box on Samsung TV’s PlayerSettings.
  • (776446) – tvOS: Enabled game controller in tvOS on-screen keyboard.
  • (none) – tvOS: Fixed a crash when calling OnDemandResourcesRequest.Dispose() in a coroutine.
  • (749311) – tvOS: Separated tvOS SDK and OS version settings from iOS.
  • (768807) – UI: Fix for child UI elements not being rendered when scaling World Space Canvas from zero.
  • (751798) – UnityWebRequest: Downgrade to HTTP GET on 302 and 303 redirect codes
  • (751794) – UnityWebRequest: Honor negative redirectLimit.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Fixed an exception while marshalling UnityEngine.NavMeshTriangulation.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Fixed marshaling of UnityEngine.HumanDescription, previously the field hasTranslationDoF was not mashaled at all.
  • (786889) – Windows Store: Fixed marshaling of UnityEngine.SplatPrototype, previously fields specularMetallic, smoothness were not marshaled, because of this sometimes terrain would be rendered incorrectly.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Fixed www.error return result, previously it would return only an error code, now it will also contain error message returned by the server.
  • (760215) – Windows: Fixed standalone Windows player position when bigger than primary monitor.

The patch can be downloaded here.

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