Unity Patch 5.3.5p4 Released


Unity have just released another patch, this one version 5.3.5p4.  This one is composed primarily of fixes with a new diagnostic commandline option added for debugging memory and improved WebSocket support being the two solitary improvement, then of course several fixes are included.

From the release notes:

  • Runtime-Other: Added diagnostic option to cmdline arguments -debugallocator [1/2] which helps to identify memory access issues in the engine on Windows and OSX x64 platforms.
  • WebSocket: Improved memory allocation and socket writing procedure (fixed not expected connection closing)
  • (796242) – Android: Abandon/Request audio focus on pause/resume.
  • (789398) – Android: Audio – Fixed audio latency in GearVR regression.
  • (746248) – Android: Buildpipe – Don’t check for passwords if exporting project.
  • (746248) – Android: Buildpipe – Don’t merge manifests if exporting project.
  • (781657) – Android: Buildpipe – Remove mdb files from release build.
  • (790236) – Android: Editor – Fixed an issue where it was impossible to push to devices running Android N Preview.
  • (802824) – Android: Fixed the issue of game freezing when changing resolution with Screen.SetResolution.
  • (786289) – Android: Fixed high memory usage of RenderTexture.GetTemporary.
  • (751102) – Android: Fixed a crash related to the main context not being an Activity.
  • (793738) – Android: Fixed an issue where Indonesian and Hebrew weren’t properly recognized by SystemInfo.
  • (none) – Android: Fixed deployment to devices with unknown OpenGL ES target.
  • (782985) – Android: JNI – Throw correct exception when method not found by reflection.
  • (696580) – Android: Tegra 2: Application no longer crashes if UnitySendMessage is called during initialization.
  • (795931) – ETC1: Fixed ETC1 variant getting stripped out from android build.
  • (793780) – Fixed an issue where Cache Server failed to validate prefab created from script.
  • (none) – Graphics: Fixed potential memory leak with timesliced realtime reflection probes.
  • (797495) – IL2CPP: Implemented Process.GetCurrentProcess on some platforms and provide a useful error message where it was not possible to implement.
  • (800301) – IL2CPP: Prevented a possible deadlock on PS4.
  • (802618) – IL2CPP: Support IPv6 addresses for LocalEndPoint and RemoteEndPoint properties of the .NET Socket class.
  • (792932) – iOS: Enabled incremental build for il2cpp by default for old projects.
  • (803206) – iOS: Fixed crash when calling WWW.Dispose.
  • (790853) – iOS: Removed unneeded il2cpp files that increase build size.
  • (794783) – Model Importer: Fixed a crash when importing .obj and .fbx files with malformed or duplicate vertex data.
  • (763536) – Mono: Added MD4, SHA384 and SHA512 signature verification to X.509 certificates.
  • (793415) – Mono: Handle marshaling properly of a class with a fixed size array field and a base class with multiple fields.
  • (none) – Multiplayer: Cleaned up the connection containing StateUpdate channel can cause crash.
  • (761566) – Multiplayer: Fixed: Calling NetworkDiscovery.StopBroadcast() and NetworkServer.Reset() crashes editor.
  • (794054) – Multiplayer: NetworkTransport.SetBroadcastCredentials crashes unity.
  • (788808) – Multiplayer: ReliableFragmented channel can drop data.
  • (760104) – Multiplayer: WebSockets: Fixed crash on NetworkClient.SendByChannel call.
  • (774657, 768041, 794455) – OpenGL: Fixed various shader translation (for GLCore/GLES3) issues. Atomic operations on RWByteAddressBuffers, vertex-to-fragment inputs not being float4/half4 sized, geometry shaders where first input is not a SV_POSITION, tessellation shaders that were making some drivers not happy.
  • (707886) – OSX: Fixed icons in batch mode builds.
  • (787233, 793518) – OSX: Fixed infrequent crashes in Screen Selector.
  • (696234) – OSX: Fixed SSL protocol support on 32-bit OSX standalone.
  • (776115) – tvOS: Fixed support for default font of Unity (Arial).
  • (800964) – UnityWebRequest: Hard EXC_BAD_ACCESS crash from AsyncOperation.
  • (none) – UnityWebRequest: Make headers case insensitive, in order to better match RFC 2616 semantics.
  • (791362) – WebSockets: Make Incoming buffer configurable: ConnectionConfig.WebSocketReceiveBufferMaxSize param.

You can download the patch here.

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