Unity Patch 5.3.6p7


Another patch has been released for the popular Unity game engine.  This patch, 5.3.6p7 is primarily composed of fixes, including:


  • IL2CPP: Added an option to link.xml files to ignore missing assemblies.
  • (830443) – AI: Fix for regression where a pushed passive NavMeshAgent would sometimes move to its origin after navmesh carving.
  • (824107) – Android: Fixed a crash on Android when using the FrameDebugger.
  • (832271) – Audio: Fixed a memory leak when quickly loading and unloading lots of audio assets.
  • (834100, 833996) – Canvas: Fixed a regression introduced in 5.3.6p4 where non-native fullscreen player appeared darker when Canvas was present, in Linear color space.
  • (748499) – Editor: Fixed the recursive directory copy situation.
  • (779052) – Editor: Fixed a crash when registering undo for a null object.
  • (832155) – GUI: Fixed a regression introduced in 5.3.6p4 and 5.3.6p5 where GUI.DrawTexture & GUI.DrawTextureWithTexCoords appeared lighter in Linear color space.
  • (815783) – IL2CPP: Allownow Monitor.TryEnter to correctly obtain a previously taken lock that has been released, which did not work in some cases.
  • (826624) – IL2CPP: Corrected the stack state handling during code conversion for some box opcodes.
  • (834376) – IL2CPP: Removed an unnecessary assert when GC.Collect(1) is called. The call will still have no impact though.
  • (811959, 815928) – iOS: Fixed a crash when killing the app while a WWW Request was in flight.
  • (none) – iOS: Fixed the run loop mode warning on iOS 10 devices.
  • (820863) – iOS: Fixed the appearance of apps freezing when locking/unlocking the device.
  • (820162) – UAP: Fixed the incorrect language being returned when system language was Spanish(Argentina).
  • (832104) – UAP: Fixed an incorrect resolution being reported when the composition scale changed and the game window was minimized.
  • (803937) – VR: Fixed a crash when an invalid Oculus plugin is used. Throws warning instead.
  • (826132) – VR: Removed an audio output warning when Unity Audio is Disabled.
  • (814388) – WebRequest: More correctly follow the HTTP Specification for sending POST data during a Redirect.
  • (827748) – Windows Store: UnityEvent.Remove listener will work correctly when .Net Native is enabled. Previously events were not removed as expected.


As always, the patch is available for download here.

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