Unity Patch 5.4.0p3 Released


Unity released another patch, 5.4.0p3.  Once again composed primarily of bug fixes.  The release notes:


  • Graphics: GPU Instancing: It is no longer an error to use instanced shaders on renderers that don’t support instancing (SkinnedMeshRenderer, SpriteRenderer, etc.)
  • Grpahics: GPU Instancing: For statically batched MeshRenderers, using instanced shader now will not break static batching. If you want renderers to be instancing batched, please consider disable static batching flag (816786).
  • VR: Oculus GearVR version updated to 1.7.1.
  • (820203) – Animation: Fixed a crash in Animation::CreateAnimatorGenericBindings when attempting to use AnimationMixerPlayable on start of a game object.
  • (822897) – Animation: Fixed additive layer using disabled “Resample Animation” blended with layers that have it enabled.
  • (816567) – Editor: Fixed a bug that launching Editor window will exit after signed on windows.
  • (716213) – Editor: Fixed occasional freeze when profiling over network and connection is lost.
  • (771779) – Editor: Fixed crash caused by leading and/or trailing slahes in MenuItem names.
  • (798702, 810632) – Graphics: Fixed a couple of bugs in the CPU mipmap generation (2D & 3D) for floating point texture formats: RHalf, RFloat, RGHalf, RGFloat, RGBAHalf, RGBAFloat.
  • (819088) – Graphics: Fixed a rare issue that results in incorrect instancing rendering when multiple lights are used.
  • (none) – Graphics: Fixed ForwardAdd pass z-fighting issue when the object is rendered with GPU instancing (for example when you have multiple lights).
    • Surface shaders are automatically updated to apply the fix.
    • For custom vert/frag shaders, instead of using the macro “UNITY_USE_CONCATENATED_MATRICES”, now please use the new “#pragma force_concat_matrix” directive in the ForwardAdd pass.
  • (821418) – IL2CPP: Fixed poor performance of string.Intern().
  • (811511) – VR: Fixed GL.LoadPixelMatrix() not working when Single-Pass Stereo was enabled.
  • (811571) – VR: Updated the following Image Effects from the Standard Assets to work with Single-Pass Stereo; Ambient Obscurance, Camera Motion Blur.


The patch can be downloaded here.

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