Unity Power Up Tools MegaBundle

There is a new Mega Bundle of interest to Unity developers on the Unity asset store, the Unity Power Up Tools MegaBundle. As the name suggests this is a rather large collection of tool add-ons and extensions for Unity developers. The nicest part of this MegaBundle is the vast majority of content has not been featured in a previous Unity MegaBundle or Unity Humble Bundle! As with all MegaBundles this one is organized into tiers, although I would assume that 99% of people are going to just buy the highest value tier since it is so stacked with content.

30$ Tier

Roguelike Generator Pro

Component Names

Combat Framework

Whiskey Structure Builder

35$ Tier

plus EzChart

Grid Placement System

Wheel Controller 3D

IntelliMap AI Tilemap Generator

OmniShade PBR

Local Advoidance

Geometry Algorithms

Modular Motion*

40$ Tier

Ragdoll Animator

Ultimate Crafting System

Physics Based Character Controller

File Browser PRO

Asset Cleaner PRO*

Real Ivy 2 Procedural Ivy Generator

Blaze AI Engine

Figma Converter for Unity

HDRP Time of Day – Lighting, Weather & Clouds

Procedural Lightning

Asset Inventory

See-Through Shader

Stylized Rock Generator

Voxel Generator

Projectile Toolkit – Targeting and Trajectory Prediction

Split Mesh Deform

Gravity Engine

Assets marked with an asterisk (*) were featured in a previous sale or bundle.

If you purchase using out link GFS receives a small commission(and thank you!). You can learn more about the Unity Power Up Tools MegaBundle in the video below.

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