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Today at the Unite Europe, Unity announced some pretty substantial pricing changes.  Let’s start off by looking at the existing price structure:





What I didn’t show above was the personal license.  The Personal license is free, requires you to display a Made With Unity splash screen and has a revenue limitation of $100,000USD a year.  The personal license supported all platforms.

So essentially Unity pro (no splash screen, no revenue limitations, some additional cloud features ) cost $75 a month for Desktop/HTML5/Windows Store/Windows Phone, then an addition $75 a month for Android and $75 a month for iOS.  On top you could outright purchase Unity for $1,500 and an additional $1,500 per mobile platform.


Now let’s look at today’s pricing.



The Personal tier is mostly unchanged, but they have created a new tier called Plus.  This tier has the same limitations as Personal ( $100K revenue + splash ), but gives access to the cloud features from Pro and a couple other perks such as Unity Store assets.  The Pro tier is where the massive changes have occurred.  It is now a flat rate $125/month, regardless to platforms.  This means if you were only making desktop or HTML games before, Unity just almost doubled in price today.  If on the other hand, you were using Unity for iOS and Android development, you are now paying $100 a month less.


The big negative in this entire announcement?  Well…

Subscribers can stay on their current subscriptions until June, 2018. Customers with perpetual licenses can continue on their current licenses for as long as they like, but we will stop supporting Unity 5 perpetual licenses with new features and updates by March 3, 2017.

Basically the ability to buy Unity outright is going away very soon.  You can read more about the announcement here.

I also put together a video covering the subject in more detail available here or embedded below.

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