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Unity have just released Tiny Racing preview 3, the demonstration project for the in process Project Tiny.  Tiny Racing is a Mario Kart style game that runs on the Tiny runtime, including being able to run it in your browser.  Project Tiny is a new runtime and SDK with a modular approach with the aim of making Unity development “pay for what you need and no more” in approach, building on top of the also in development DOTS technology stack.

Details of Project Tiny from the Getting Started Guide on Google Docs:

Compared to “regular” Unity content, Project Tiny content targets the new DOTS Runtime and has no dependency on the existing UnityEngine.  The DOTS Runtime is a new execution environment focused on DOTS code, with a very lightweight small core runtime that can be extended by modules providing additional features.  Our goal is to ensure that you pay code size and execution cost only for the features that you actually use. All functionality is provided as pure DOTS modules, delivered as assemblies, and is interacted with using DOTS and ECS methods.

Project Tiny is part of a spectrum of “regular” Unity and pure DOTS capabilities.  Our goal is to ensure that if a project is compatible with the DOTS Runtime, it also works in DOTS Hybrid / Unity. (We’re not there yet.)

If you are interested in trying out the Tiny Racing demonstration the project is available on GitHub, simply clone and import into Unity 2019.3 or later.  You can learn more about Tiny Racing here.  If you are interested in learning more or seeing Tiny Racing, be sure to check out the video below.

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