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Starting off GDC 2022, Unity are first out of the gate with a 2 minute trailer “Enemies” showcasing current and upcoming real-time graphics capabilities of Unity and the High Definition Render Pipeline(HDRP). To create the Enemies trailer Unity had to make new hair and skin shaders, which will be available shortly.

Details from the Unity blog:

With Enemies, our efforts went in three directions: Developing a solution for hair, improving the realism of the face, and doing all that in the context of a real content piece. 

This means that all the new, in-progress, and existing graphics and core Unity features were pushed to the max, including smooth interoperation, in order to raise overall image quality. More specifically, Enemies uses the entire feature set of Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI), the new Adaptive Probe Volumes, ray tracing, NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), and every other feature, big or small, that is relevant for our goals.

So… is the new demo available for download? Sadly, no it is not. Although we do have a rough outline of when the new technologies demonstrated should be available for Unity developers:

In a month or two, we’ll release a Digital Human 2.0 package that contains all of the updates and enhancements we’ve made since the version we shared for The Heretic

We will also release a package containing the strand-based Hair system on GitHub, which allows us to collect feedback and make updates before it becomes an officially supported feature. Keep an eye on Unity’s blog and social media to make sure you’re alerted when these packages are available. 

If you are in attendance at GDC 2022 however, you can stop by the Unity booth and see the Enemies demo running inside the Unity Editor.

Key Links

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You can learn more about the new demo in the video below.

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