Unity Release Patch 5.3.1p2


Another Unity 5.3 patch was released today.


From the release notes:

  • (750357) – iOS: Added font containing Lao characters to the fallback list.
  • (none) – iOS: Don’t enable bitcode by default for Mono.
  • (none) – OpenGL core: Fixed a crash with AMD and NVIDIA on Windows when using RenderTexture with recent drivers.
  • (none) – OpenGL core: Fixed a crash with Intel GPUs on Linux.
  • (none) – OpenGL core: Fixed text rendering with AMD GPUs on OSX 10.9.
  • (756734), (756754) – OpenGL ES: Fixed crashes with new Samsung firware.
  • (752821) – [treeview] Make right and left arrow select next/previous parent for fast expand/collapse.
  • (758120) – WebGL: Fixed a crash when setting Application.runInBackground, if Strip Engine Code is enabled.

Windows download link.

Mac download link.

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