Unity Release Patch 5.3.1p3


Remember when you used to wait months to years for updates for your game engine?  Isn’t competition a wonderful thing?   Along with today’s Unreal Preview release we get word of the new weekly Unity patch, 5.3.1p3.


From the release notes:

  • Added link to learn more about Unity Cloud Build in the Build Player window.
  • Tizen: Now supports tizenstore URL protocol to open up tizen store pages.
  • VR: Applications that lost Focus no longer throttle the CPU.
  • (753610) – IL2CPP: Fixed StateMachineBehaviour messages not being executed if stripping is enabled.
  • (none) – [API Updater] Fixed possible crashes in ScriptUpdater.exe when resolving types.
  • (none) – [AssetLoading]: Fixed excessive memory usage when decompressing assetbundles with many objects inside (very large serializedfile).
  • (none) – [Profiler] Fixed excessive memory usage in development players.
  • (750442) – [Substance]: Fixed a rare crash that could happen around the destruction of animated ProceduralMaterials.
  • (none) – [Windows 10]: Fixed incorrect display of Korean characters on Windows 10 (if Korean language pack is not installed) and Windows Phone 10, Unity will now fallback to “Malgun Gothic” font.
  • (743739) – Android: Fixed a crash when loading many asset bundles.
  • (754108) – Editor: Display console documentation items in the help menu, when console docs are present, but the main documentation is not installed.
  • (754928) – Fixed an issue where enabling vertex compression for positions could result in geometry not being rendered.
  • (755088) – IL2CPP: Ensure that the header file for a type defined in a different assembly is included when that type is used for a method parameter.
  • (752197) – IL2CPP: Fixed double.Parse with InvariantCulture.
  • (756447) – IL2CPP: Forward declare a type and marshaled type in the method declarations header for marshaling methods so that the order of includes does not matter.
  • (670027) – IL2CPP: Implemented support for MetadataToken property on the following types: FieldInfo, EventInfo, MethodInfo, ConstructorInfo, PropertyInfo, Type, and Module.
  • (754539) – iOS/IL2CPP: Correct stack traces in exception messages, which could sometimes miss managed frames.
  • (754562) – Mecanim: Fixed a bug where Euler rotations would be retained in scene after scrubbing animation.
  • (752955) – Mecanim: Fixed a bug where Euler rotations would not work in Legacy Animations.
  • (748936) – Networking: Added a ‘connecting’ state and cancel button to NetworkManagerHUD UI to prevent multiple attempts to connect at the same time.
  • (757766) – Networking: Fixed ‘recursion depth exceeded’ error for complex NetworkBehaviour scripts.
  • (746011) – Networking: Fixed ClientScene object list being wrong after host migration.
  • (755391) – Networking: Fixed NetworkAnimator not working for non-player objects
  • (756153) – Networking: Fixed NetworkServer.SendToAll sends the message to the host twice.
  • (755450) – Networking: Fixed SyncEvent regression issue.
  • (745795) – Networking: Fixed SyncList updates don’t use a configurable network channel.
  • (744002) – Networking: Fixed UI that allowed host migration to be enabled for WebGl platform where it is not supported.
  • (751239) – Networking: OnStopAuthority called on server when it should not be.
  • (729157) – Networking: Prevent [Command] functions from accepting NetworkConnection objects as parameters, which causes a UNetWeaver error.
  • (749338) – Networking: Prevent NetworkIdentity objects from being server-only and local-player-authority at the same time, as this is not a valid configuration.
  • (744007) – Physics: Fixed memory corruption/crash when deactivating a collider from inside of OnTriggerStay.
  • (755612) – Physics: PlatformEffector2D now supports negative scaling on parent Transform.
  • (750266) – Scripting: UnusedByteCodeStripper2 will show a better error message when processing assemblies, so it will be easier to identify offending assembly.
  • (759336) – Shaders: During surface shader generation, do not initialise non-vector type members of the Input struct i.e. a struct/int/matrix as a member variable of the Input struct.
  • (none) – UI: Added fix so that the placeholder text is enabled when the InputField is deactivated and the text is empty.
  • (741751) – UI: Removed remaining uses of multiple display system.(Temporary fix whilst none native resolutions are not supported).
  • (731324) – VR: Fixed Render Scale not reverting after being edited in play mode.
  • (732236) – VR: Fixed VRDevice.isPresent reporting true on first frame if Device was not connected at start.
  • (753256) – VR: Stereo Cameras correctly respect camera depth when rendering to the game view and HMD.
  • (754533) – Windows Store: Fixed a build failure (rrw failure) when calling methods with System.Numerics.Matrix4x4 as parameter.
  • (756086) – Windows Store: Fixed Screen.SetResolution when upscaling lower resolution to fullscreen, previously you would see a corrupt image on the screen.
  • (730289) – Windows Store: Fixed WheelCollider on x64 (NullReferenceException occurring).
  • (746301) – Windows Store: Fixed player crashing on startup on .NET scripting backend.
  • (759166) – Windows Store: RunInBackground option will be respected when application window looses focus, and if enabled, the application will keep updating. Note: if application window is minimized it will be still paused, because OS suspends the application.

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