Unity Release Patch 5.3.4p3


Another week another Unity patch.  This one is almost entirely fixes unless of course you find Windows store IL2CPP backend changes or updates to the installer EULA as exciting new fixes.  Not mocking of course, new fixes are always welcome.  Well unless of course they break more than they fix I suppose.

Here are the details of today’s patch.

  • Windows Store: On IL2CPP scripting backend, Unity players are now shipped as DLLs rather than static libraries. This significantly reduces platform support module installation size as well as decreases generated C++ code linking time.
  • Installer: updated EULA.
  • (747898) – Android: Fix for EGL_BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW error on resume.
  • (777167) – Android: Fix for syncing to low framerate with vsync off.
  • (784942) – Animation: Fixed a crash related to exposed skeleton.
  • (none) – Documentation: Added missing ‘OnJointBreak2D’ callback documentation.
  • (730245) – Editor: If a read only file or folder is duplicated, the read only status is no longer duplicated.
  • (769613) – Editor: Fixed an issue where unloaded scenes were removed from hierarchy after exiting playmode.
  • (none) – Editor: Fixed Target Support module download URLs in Build Settings.
  • (663994) – Editor: Files with invalid names can no longer be dragged into a project.
  • (653592) – Global Illumination: Changing Reflection Probe component positioning in the inspector makes realtime probe black.
  • (none) – Global Illumination: Fixed a Reflection Probe baking issue when multiple scenes are used in a project.
  • (774638) – Graphics: Fixed a glitch in crunched compressed non-alpha texture after using sprite packer.
  • (782653) – IL2CPP: Properly handle type casts and check for value type arrays when they are casted to generic collection interfaces.
  • (none) – iOS: Apple Pencil pressure will now be exposed the same way 3D Touch pressure already is.
  • (775710) – iOS: Switching between different input fields will not leave input accessory fields on screen.
  • (764054) – iOS: TouchInputModule and StandaloneInputModule will now handle all touch phases preventing unwanted module switches.
  • (none) – Linux: Don’t query displays when running in nographics mode.
  • (764054) – OSX editor: Application.version now returns the application’s version. It no longer returns Application.unityVersion.
  • (740604) – UI: Fixed object culling when unparenting from a mask type.
  • (none) – UI: Fixed setting Input Field text when in Decimal/Integer with invalid values.
  • (776918) – Windows Standalone: P/Invoke will work correctly with native libraries which reference other native libraries, if those libraries are located in the same directory.
  • (775344) – Windows Store: Disable Generate C# option when scripting backend is set to il2cpp.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Files located in AssetsResources won’t end up in generated Assembly-CSharp-firstpass project, but will be correctly placed in Assembly-CSharp project.
  • (762780) – Windows Store: Fixed generics related AssemblyConverter failure and give better error messages.
  • (770092) – Windows Store: Fixed incorrect orientation of extended splash screen on Windows Phone 8.1.
  • (781907) – Windows Store: Fixed stacktraces on IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Fixed $(OutDir) and $(IntDir) paths for generated IL2CPP Visual Studio solutions which prevented appx bundles to build correctly.
  • (754102) – Windows Store: Correctly generate Visual Studio namespace when product name contains ‘ symbol. an underscore will be used instead.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Having many generic types in the project no longer makes .NET Native compiler run out of memory.
  • (777878) – Windows Store: RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod will work correctly.
  • (773877) – Windows Store: Screen.SetResolution will correctly work on Windows Phone 10.
  • (none) – WindowsDownloadAssistant: Fixed setting VisualStudio 2015 as Unity script editor.
  • (732955) – WindowsDownloadAssistant: Fixed the bug which was freezing installation UI during bad network connection.
  • (784975) – WSA: EventType.ScrollWheel is now properly detected.

The patch can be downloaded here.

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