Unity Release Patch 5.3.5p1


This week brings another Unity patch, this time 5.3.5P1.  This release is primarily composed of fixes with some minor Windows Store functionality improvements and better stack reporting on crash.  The patch is available here.


Patch Release Notes:


  • Runtime: During crashes even if the stack walking is aborted with error (RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk), Unity will display stripped stack trace instead of displaying zero stack frames.
  • (791792) – Windows Store: Expanded UnityEngine.WSA.Cursor.SetCustomCursor, if you pass 0 to this function, it will restore the cursor to arror icon.
  • (792507) – Windows Store: Improved ‘NULL != certificate’ errors, it will now provide a human readable message why it failed to create a certificate.
  • (778825) – 2D: Generate sprite mesh correctly for sprite with outline data after changing texture’s max size setting.
  • (770093) – Android: Pause choreographer when activity is paused to fix CPU usage of Unity apps when the app is in background.
  • (790261) – Animation: Fix for animation stopping before reaching designated position.
  • (780289) – AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that failed to asynchronously load the object with script that had the same name as other assets in a bundle.
  • (780836, 761626) – AssetBundles: Fixed intermittent crash due to thread-safety issues.
  • (784401) – Editor: Fixed: No auto license updates since Unity 5.1.
  • (784822, 794090, 759483) – Graphics: Fixed some cases of incorrectly “Releasing Render Texture that is set as Camera.targetTexture”, resulting in losing Camera.targetTexture – e.g. in case of device resume after sleep on iOS/Android, context-loss on DirectX or changing Emulation Layer in the Editor.
  • (787701) – IL2CPP: Load the stack value as unsigned for the conv.r.un opcode in IL.
  • (789160) – iOS/IL2CPP: Corrected managed stack traces which could have one incorrect frame when a NullReferenceException occurred.
  • (792606) – iOS: Fixed a crash when releasing WebRequest components.
  • (788483) – Samsung TV: UnityEngine.Ping has been fixed and will no longer report permissions issues.
  • (784481) – Scripting: Avoid allocating GC memory during Coroutine iteration.
  • (none) – Substance: Avoid re-generating ProceduralMaterials twice when switching color space.
  • (780071) – Substance: Fxed “Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repaint” error message appearing in console when assigning a ProceduralMaterial to a mesh.
  • (776052) – Substance: Fixed baked ProceduralTextures being serialized without their baked data.
  • (779560) – Substance: Fixed a crash in VisibleIf expression evaluation caused by looking up an input by label instead of by identifier.
  • (781118) – Substance: Fixed a crash when undoing a modification of the shader assigned to a ProceduralMaterial .
  • (762285) – Substance: Fixed GetProceduralXYZ returning 0 when used with an input’s label instead of its identifier.
  • (none) – Substance: Fixed normal maps textures being incorrectly processed when used as image inputs to a ProceduralMaterial.
  • (779574) – Substance: Fixed ProceduralMaterials being stuck in “Generating…” state when leaving playmode as they are being computed.
  • (795563) – Substance: frozen ProceduralMaterials can now be cloned. Procedural properties of a cloned frozen ProceduralMaterial cannot be changed anymore, but regular material properties can.
  • (none) – Substance: ProceduralTextures being cached to disk/flash now have their size correctly taken into account when querying Caching.spaceOccupied.
  • (776803) – Substance: Speed up the processing of BakeAndDiscard materials when loading scenes.
  • (none) – Substance: Now warn the user when an input of a BakeAndDiscard ProceduralMaterial is being set at runtime.
  • (774423) – UI: Fixed occasional crashes when modifying elements of non-Overlay Canvases.
  • (790264) – UI: Fixed World canvas not rendering in editor game view.
  • (507878) – Windows Standalone: Launcher will correctly display unicode symbols for input bindings.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Added command line argument -dontConnectAcceleratorEvent, which could help to solve issues with XAML controls used together with Unity.
  • (790408) – Windows Store: Do not overwrite solution file when building on top.
  • (778842) – Windows Store: Fixed DisconnectedException while pluging/unplugin joystick from usb multiple times.
  • (792589) – Windows Store: Fixed an issue where user couldn’t enter @ symbol with touch screen keyboard when spanish language is selected.
  • (790319) – Windows Store: Fixed an issue with generics, causing access reduction exception at runtime.
  • (792618) – Windows Store: Fixed Screen.orientation sometimes reporting incorrect value on startup.
  • (786277) – Windows Store: NetworkTransport.ConnectEndPoint will work correctly on UWP (required by secure sockets), note this function will not work on older Windows Store SDKs.
  • (790537) – Windows Store: Workaround a driver bug in Lumia 950, the screen was flickering when navigation bar was spawning or despawning. Basically we replace ID3D11DeviceContext::ClearDepthStencilView (which corrupts stencil buffer somehow) with a full screen quad draw call which clears depth/stencil.

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