Unity Release Patch 5.3.5P6


Another week another Unity patch, this one version 5.3.5P6.  In addition to the usual spate of bug fixes, this patch includes several improvements to audio functionality, a bump to Oculus 1.5 and has been updated to work with XCode 8 for iOS builds.

The full release details:

  • Audio: Added ability to transition AudioMixer snapshots by scaled and unscaled time.
  • Audio: Added virtualization of audio effects. For audio sources that are virtual because they have been culled due to low audibility or priority, attached effect components or spatializers are now also bypassed in order to save CPU use. The new behaviour is on by default, but can be turned off in the audio project settings.
  • Audio: Audio clip waveform preview now displays the actual format used for compression when the default format isn’t available on a certain platform.
  • Audio: Audio clips with the “Streaming” load type are no longer preloaded. This is done to reduce the number of open file handles in scenes referencing a large number of streamed clips. The behaviour is not affected except for a slight increase in playback delay of this type of audio clips.
  • Audio: Fixed audio clip waveform preview rendering sync issues after import, and improved the way the waveforms are being rendered to be more dynamic and reveal more detail.
  • Audio: Moved Preload Audio Data to the platform-specific settings section. The previous location was confusing as it was shown grayed-out in the inspector with a checkmark that depended on all overrides.
  • Audio: SystemInfo now includes supportsAudio info.
  • iOS: Update Build and Run to work with Xcode 8
  • VR: Updated to Oculus Version 1.5.
  • (786827) – Animation: Fixed rotation values set in inspector restricted to [0,360] degrees when recording animation.
  • (800268) – Animation: Fixed animation event firing twice when controller is set by a script and an instantaneous transition is trigger in the same frame.
  • (778887) – Animation: Fixed crash when changing playable controller in animator in game mode.
  • (740603) – Audio: “Failed to initialize spatializer” warning message no longer appears when Spatializer Plugin is set to “None”.
  • (758064) – Audio: Audio Profiler no longer shows “wrong” information when using Spatialization.
  • (632169) – Audio: AudioMixer.GetFloat() and SetFloat() now work without needing to restart Unity.
  • (782248) – Audio: AudioSource: Fixed issue whereby Doppler Level didn’t work when used with custom spatializer plugins.
  • (772946) – Audio: Fixed case of component effect appearing disabled on play and becoming enabled again after pressing pause and then play.
  • (763036) – Audio: Fixed case of Unity crashing when the Disable Audio option was selected in Project Settings.
  • (784887) – Audio: Fixed crash when disabling component which uses OnAudioFilterRead.
  • (none) – Audio: Fixed handling of default DSP buffer size. Previously, once the buffer size was changed to something other than Default latency, changing it back to Default latency had no effect.
  • (781566) – Audio: Fixed issue where AudioListener with two custom scripts crashed when reinitializing the sound system.
  • (775328) – Audio: Fixed issue where the Audio Lowpass Frequency curve moved in the wrong direction in the AudioSource curve view.
  • (771825) – Audio: Fixed issue whereby adding an effect in the mixer with bypass effects enabled didn’t rechain the component effect back properly.
  • (none) – Audio: Fixed issue whereby the memory profiler did not report AudioClip memory correctly. The memory allocated by AudioClips was wrongly accumulated under AudioManager.
  • (760985) – Audio: Fixed mixer reverb effects getting cut off early in standalone builds.
  • (718344) – Audio: Fixed random mixup between internal direct and reverb signal connections which could cause AudioSources to interfere and become silent under certain conditions.
  • (731177) – Audio: Large numbers of streaming audio clips no longer cause crashes in batch mode.
  • (732854) – Audio: Low Pass Filter now works on Audio Listener.
  • (715257) – Audio: Microphone.IsRecording(null) no longer returning true even when no devices were available.
  • (none) – Audio: Native audio plugin SDK: Fixed dspbuffersize having a value of 0 when default buffer size settings are selected.
  • (none) – Audio: Preloaded sounds now allow calling GetData in Start().
  • (none) – Audio: Project browser now updates after a change has been applied in the AudioImporterInspector.
  • (none) – Audio: Sounds marked as Play On Awake are now shown in Audio profiler.
  • (806648) – Editor: Fixed activate license failure if user switch user before activation.
  • (804864) – Editor: Fixed an issue causing unnecessary script compilation, and improved compilation error handling
  • (804139) – Editor: fixed an issue where custom windows could be removed when encountering errors in user editor scripts.
  • (802014) – IL2CPP: Fixed a crash that can occur during XML serialization with the .NET 2.0 profile.
  • (800496) – IL2CPP: Fixed a crash which can occur during the iteration of enum values cast as a list of System.Object values.
  • (804767) – IL2CPP: Corrected the packing for some C# struct definitions with explicit layout.
  • (805846) – IL2CPP: Fixed try/catch handling when filter type includes generic parameters.
  • (794660, 790555, 737693) OpenGLES: Fixed crash and reflection probes corruption on A9 chipsets (OpenGLES2.0).
  • (799560) – Windows Store: Fixed a crash which happened when serializing objects which have the first field be an array or a list on .NET scripting backend.
  • (805830) – Windows Store: Fixed a memory leak which leaked ~5 KB of memory per frame.
  • (804163) – Windows Store: Fixed an issue which sometimes caused “The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing!” after unloading unused assets while maintaining indirect references on the MonoBehaviours on .NET scripting backend.
  • (775624) – Windows Store: Fixed manifest generation for StoreLogo, when only scale-100 image is available.
  • (767548) – Windows Store: Load first scene after Unity splash screen is over.
  • (786277) – Windows Store: NetworkTransport.ConnectEndPoint will work correctly on UWP (required by secure sockets), note this function will not work on older Windows Store SDKs.

The patch is available for download here.

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