Unity Release Patch 5.3.6p3


Another week, another Unity patch, this one 5.3.6p3.  The release notes for this patch follow:


  • DX11: Improved texture upload performance for compressed, floating point ant RGBA32 formats. (812350)
  • Networking: Ping implementation for ipv6.
  • VR: Update Oculus to version 1.7
  • VR: Update Oculus GearVR to version 1.7.1
  • (800914, 802831) – 2D: Fixed an assert message “importer.GetNPOTScale() == TextureImporter::kNPOTKeep” showing when creating sprites in Advance mode. Creating sprites now ignores TextureImporter’s non power of two settings if the texture is already a power of two.
  • (811963) – Android: Audio – Fixed glitches on GearVR when Best Latency is selected.
  • (811880) – Android: Fix for crash on returning from Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie.
  • (769505) – Animation: Fixed an issue where having animations with a mixed number of bones in a controller, and having Write Defaults to false would throw errors.
  • (763293) – AssetBundles: Fixed AssetBundle.LoadFromFile usage with Application.streamingAssetsPath on Android.
  • (none) – Core: Added support for loading serialized files stored with 5.5.0a4.
  • (793567) – Editor: Exceptions from PostProcessBuild callbacks now introduce errors to the build.
  • (808080) – Editor: Fixed crash when trying to connect a GameObject to a prefab with no root GameObject set.
  • (793679) – Graphics: Don’t re-upload textures to the graphics device when a quality change is requested and the pixel data is unavailable. This applies to textures loaded from asset bundles unloaded with AssetBundle.Unload (false).
  • (791721) – IL2CPP/Windows Store: Allow non-blocking sockets to work properly on 64-bit builds.
  • (819647) – IL2CPP: Corrected some calls to HasValue on nullable types, which could return true when the nullable does not have a value.
  • (818966) – IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for some cases involving array parameters passed by reference.
  • (815722) – IL2CPP: Prevent a stack overflow during code conversion which can occur for mutli-dimensional arrays with generic types.
  • (818102) – IL2CPP: Rename the types.h file to be il2cpp-string-types.h to avoid the possibility of is conflicted with a user-defined header file.
  • (369773) – iOS: Building from GUI now uses a project relative path if the location is under the project folder
  • (790724) – Kernel:Fixed rounding error so Mathf.MoveTowardsAngle always reaches target angle.
  • (735709) – Linux: Fallback to NET_WM_ICON for setting custom player icon.
  • (810289) – Networking: Fixed starting a server cashes on libwebsocket_service_fd.
  • (820523) – OS X: Fixed HTTPS support for WWW/UnityWebRequest when Mac App Store receipt validation is on.
  • (770034) – OSX: Fixed a crash when building for OSX in certain circumstances to do with paths to splash screen and icon.
  • (808187, 790220, 816014) – Prefabs: Fixed some issues and crashes related to undo-ing the creation of prefabs and prefab connections.
  • (none) – Tizen: Fixed a problem with UnityPluginLoad() not working.
  • (none) – UI: Fixed issue with OnPointerEnter event firing after touch ends.
  • (none) – VCS: Stop a C++ method being called during C# constructor and serialization (which is a scripting warning as it is unsafe to do this).
  • (806810) – VR: Fixed different particle shader transparencies between editor and build when splash screen is active.
  • (801951) – Windows Standalone: Custom image will be correctly shown in screen selector dialog when building to directory with non-english letters.
  • (803319) – Windows Standalone: Fixed a regression where “touch up” events would be lost when occurring outside window bounds.

You can download the patch here.

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