Unity Release Patch 5.3.6p5


Unity have released another patch, this one 5.3.6p5.  Primarily a bug fix release, this patch also updates to support iPhone 7 and 7+ devices and modified the build process to work with Xcode 8.

From the release notes:


  • iOS: Added iPhone 7 and 7+ entries to the device enum.
  • iOS: Updated Build and Run to work with Xcode 8.
  • VR – Updated Oculus plugin to version 1.8.
  • (none) – Fixed HoloLens touch injection for flat apps.
  • (none) – Animation: Fixed the OverrideController memory leak.
  • (778656) – Deployment: Enabling free users to access experimental builds.
  • (811241) – GI: Fixed a crash in Reflection Probe component when multiple scenes are used.
  • (812576) – Graphics: Fixed a crash in the Editor when material and shader properties weren’t updated correctly.
  • (821208) – Graphics: Fixed a crash that would in some cases happen after Material.CopyPropertiesFromMaterial.
  • (828145) – GUI: Fixed an issue where GUI::DrawTexture appeared darker than GUI::DrawTextureWithTexCoords when in Linear color space.
  • (827851) – Input: Mouse position is now updated but not clamped on windows when outside of game window.
  • (826595) – iOS: Added missing iOSTargetOSVersion enum entries.
  • (824979) – iOS: Corrected the default setting for bitcode on the XCTest target to fix a linker error.
  • (826526) – Mono: Use an IPv4 address (if one exists) before an IPv6 address for .NET remoting connections.
  • (827984) – Mono/IL2CPP: Corrected a rare deadlock in the C# lock implementation.
  • (797793) – OS X: Fixed memory leak in joystick input handling code.
  • (825235) – Shaders: Fixed frac(constant) sometimes being mis-compiled.
  • (none) – Shaders: Fixed shader compiler bug which could have caused errors in GLSL shaders that might crash the GPU on OSX.
  • (822553) – Shaders: Fixed UNITY_APPLY_FOG not working as expected if an expression is passed as fog coordinate.
  • (819470) – UI: Fixed a memory leak caused by IntermediateRenderers not being cleaned up
  • (none) – UI: Fixed a random crash in SyncElement caused by unknown parent canvas
  • (825435) – UI: Fixed an issue with animating canvas properties not applying
  • (821727) – UI: Fixed an issue with Canvas sorting order being incorrect under certain cases

The patch can be downloaded here.

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