Unity Release Patch 5.4.1p3


Unity have released a new patch, 5.4.1p3.  This one is entirely composed of bug fixes, including:

  • IL2CPP: Added an option to link.xml files to ignore missing assemblies.
  • (830443) – AI: Fix for regression where a pushed passive NavMeshAgent would sometimes move to its origin after navmesh carving.
  • (755398) – AssetBundles: Fixed high CPU usage while downloading asset bundles.
  • (779052) – Editor: Fixed a crash when registering undo for null object.
  • (821728) – Editor: Fixed an extra erroneous characters in path passed to PostProcessBuild callbacks.
  • (818346) – Editor: Fixed path error when building into the same folder again.
  • (764857) – Editor: JavascriptPackageManager now supports UNC path on Windows.
  • (732717) – Editor: Fixed an issue with [FormerlySerializedAs] not working with scripts assigned to prefabs.
  • (826406) – Graphics: Fix for incorrect calculation of projection matrix on some platforms.
  • (none) – Graphics: Fixed an Assert in AssignProjectorQueuesJob about calling GetRenderJobThreadCount() when not on the main thread. Triggers when running gfx jobs in scenes with projectors.
  • (none) – Graphics: Fixed large delta values in the the motion vector matrix when a camera is enabled after being disabled.
  • (832155) – GUI: Fixed the regressions introduced in 5.4.1f1 and 5.4.1p1 where GUI.DrawTexture & GUI.DrawTextureWithTexCoords appeared lighter in Linear color space.
  • (827851) – Input: Mouse position is now updated but not clamped when outside of game window.
  • (811959, 815928) – iOS: Fixed a crash when killing the app while a WWW Request was in flight.
  • (820863) – iOS: Fixed the appearance of apps freezing when locking/unlocking the device.
  • (773660) – SpritePacker: Fixed an issue where TightRotateEnabledSpritePackerPolicy flipped sprites in playmode.
  • (none) – Tizen: Resolved an error that didn’t call OnApplicationQuit() when TaskManager killed the app.
  • (814084) – tvOS: Fixed the issues when menu button was clicked while playing videos.
  • (747529) – tvOS: Fixed the UI to correctly activate tvOS keyboard.
  • (825406) – tvOS: Fixed the issue of UnityEngine.Apple.TV.Remote API not working in editor.
  • (642194) – VCS: Marked some VCS settings as private.
  • (826132) – VR: Removed audio output warning when Unity Audio is Disabled.
  • (818044) – WebGL: Fixed compressed build files (.*gz) creation if they already exist.
  • (814388) – WebRequest: More correctly follow the HTTP Specification for sending POST data during a Redirect.
  • (827748) – Windows Store: UnityEvent.Remove listener will work correctly when .Net Native is enabled.
  • (833091) – Windows: Fixed Unity crashing when initializing UnityEngine.Windows.Speech.KeywordRecognizer with an array that contains null string as one of its items
  • (791722) – WWW/UnityWebRequest: Fixed the issue of handling multiple headers with the same name in server responses.
Known Issue
  • 2D: Error “Thread::EqualsCurrentThreadIDForAssert(Thread::mainThreadId)” is spammed to console if ‘Sprite Renderer’ is enabled. This issue will be fixed in the next release.

As always the patch is available for download here.

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