Unity Release Patch 5.4.2p3


Another day, another Unity game engine patch, this time patch 5.4.2p3.  As is typical of Unity patches, it contains no new functionality, just the regular collection of fixes and improvements.  From the release notes:


  • iOS: Exposed EditorUserBuildSettings.iOSBuildConfigType in public API.
  • User profile markers in scripts now show in platform profilers even when the Unity profiler is not running.
  • (832837) – Animation: Fixed a crash when receiving null property modification in animation recording.
  • (835544) – Animation: Re-enabling playback/recording in play mode.
  • (844785, 841067) – AssetBundles: Fixed a deadlock when decompressing lzma bundle when stream had incompressible data.
  • (774264, 820297) – CacheServer: Fixed creation of directories and an issue while sending file and socket was closed.
  • (819150) – Collab: Fixed a crash with collab toolbar.
  • (826244) – Graphics: Texture2D.ReadPixels no longer reads from the wrong location on iOS/Metal when reading a section of an image.
  • (842538) – IL2CPP: Correctly marshal an out array of structures which uses the LPStruct marshaling directive.
  • (840534) – Mono: Prevent GetHostEntry from throwing a SocketException on Windows when the machine is not connected to any network.
  • (827122, 804744) – Multiplayer: Fixed a crash with StartAsClient.
  • (790431, 785347, 771860, 836170, 827884) – Multiplayer: Fixed the issues concerning disconnect and error handling.
  • (761588, 820982, 773323) – Multiplayer: Fixed weaver error handling of not supported types.
  • (756572, 737241, 775248) – Multiplayer: Fixed weaver generation of Serialize and Deserialize functions.
  • (765145, 840314, 710625, 730779) – Shaders: Fixed some cases where surface shader writing to o.Occlusion would not sample the texture with correct UVs.
  • (833647) – UnityWebRequest: Fixed redirect to a relative URL.
  • (none) – VR: Fixed issue with Oculus causing Controller Input to fail for bumpers.
  • (838737) – Windows Store: Fixed incorrect instanceID for component when cloning object with component contained in a struct inside list.


The patch is available for download here.

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