Unity Release Patch 5.4.2p4


Unity have just released another patch, this one 5.4.2p4.  This patch consists entirely of fixes, listed below.

  • (845815) – Animation: Fixed an issue where Legacy animations could not be previewed.
  • (830110) – Asset Pipeline: Fixed a regression where AssetDatabase.SaveAssets won’t save changes made to a prefab inside OnPostprocessAllAssets.
  • (none) – Audio: Fixed a panning issue with spatialized sounds.
  • (829898) – Build player: Reverted the change, which saved relative paths for build target but introduced issues for targets that needed to browse for folders instead of files (webGL, etc).
  • (824011) – Editor: Fixed a crash in RectTransform because it would send messages on the loading thread.
  • (none) – Graphics: Fixes a memory leak when using the GI visualizers in the scene view.
  • (832368) – IOS: Fixed an input reset in editor when iOS device without Unity Remote is selected
  • (834172) – IOS: Fixed issues with iOS Input.touchPressureSupported incorrectly reporting false.
  • (839037) – iOS: Build and Run now doesn’t clean Xcode project for Append builds.
  • (836165) – Mac Editor: Fixed a crash when using Build and Run for iOS projects.
  • (843181) – Mac Editor: Fixed editor hanging if app was already running in Xcode 7.x when using Build and Run.
  • (819998) – OpenVR: Fixed a crash in certain conditions when checking if device is available.
  • (818159) – OpenVR: VRDevice.isPresent now works correctly when HMD is occluded from base stations.
  • (819092) – Shadows/Lights: Fix for dark lightmap when changing sun shadow strenght in mixed mode.
  • (829379) – VR: Fixed a crash when switching between VR mode and non-VR mode with image effects applied.
  • (817835) – VR: Fixed VRSettings.renderViewportScale when single-pass stereo rendering is enabled.
  • (821570) – Windows Store: Fixed a crash in multi scene system caused by internal managers being garbage collected.

The patch can be downloaded here.

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