Unity Release Patch 5.5.0p4


Unity have just released patch 5.5.0p4.  No new functionality but it contains a large number of fixes:

  • (858785) – Analytics: Fixed occasional windows editor crash on shutdown.
  • (827110) – Android: Disabled fence sync on poor performing drivers.
  • (855603, 859268) – Android: Fixed a crash when reloading or resuming scene which uses WebCamTexture.
  • (848830) – Android: Fixed an exception when trying to build to a non-existent path.
  • (845080) – Android: Fixed an issue where pausing during the splash screen would cause sprites to be black.
  • (855612) – Android: Gradle build and project export now support icon override.
  • (803872) – Android: Post process now executed before app is pushed to device.
  • (855545) – Animation: Fix for a crash using Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets with Animators caused by orphaned references.
  • (858208) – AR: Fixed a crash when exiting play mode during a Holographic Simulation session.
  • (848920, 858080, 860956) – Asset and Scene Management: Fixed a bug where importing multiple native DCC source files resulted in the contents of imported prefabs randomly switching places.
  • (849875) – Collab: Fixed an issue whereby the collab toolbar continued to have ‘sign in’ button even after signing in from the collab tool bar.
  • (859350) – Editor: Fixed an editor crash when switching platforms on a command line build.
  • (none) – Editor: Fixed local cache server not working if there were spaces in the path to the Unity Editor executable.
  • (858043) – Editor: Fixed Sprite Editor not always grid slicing fully black sprites correctly.
  • (793891) – Editor: Fixed launching Unity getting stuck on a grey screen for a minute or longer when your internet connection is bad.
  • (834243) – Editor: Fixed the issue that personal user is able to skip a mandatory survey.
  • (857504) – Editor: Fixed the splash screen ‘Preview’ button showing the NoiseModule preview texture.
  • (828286) – Editor: Reduced heap allocations for each frame when rotating the scene view in the editor.
  • (849376) – Graphics: Fixed a bug when importing Alpha8 textures which didn’t import them as a single channel texture.
  • (852116) – Graphics: Fixed a crash during texture importing if the import failed.
  • (853722) – Graphics: Fixed a crash during texture importing if the texture format wasn’t supported by the platform.
  • (825464) – Graphics: Fixed console error generated when using WWW.movie to create a movie texture.
  • (767034) – Graphics: Fixed errors spamming the console when performing GPU profiling on a DX11 Standalone build.
  • (none) – Graphics: Fixed the GPU Profiler in standalone mode.
  • (732380) – Graphics: Stopped rendering projectors twice if there is any transparent object visible to the camera.
  • (849356) – Graphics: Stopped the texture importer ignoring pure white Alpha channels by default. It is now a user option to choose to ignore it.
  • (810286) – iOS: Fix 2nd stage splash on iPhones with landscapeRight orientation
  • (856989) – iOS: Fixed crash in application:openURL:sourceApplication:annotation due to missing null check with Facebook SDK.
  • (831195) – iOS: Removed extra offset in constraint in default launchscreens.
  • (851764) – Lighting: Only clear the lighting progress bar when lighting is in progress. Stops lighting system accidentally closing other (non-lighting) progress bars.
  • (867312) – Metal: Fixed a memory leak when loading scene.
  • (807091) – Multiplayer: Fixed hostmigration sync issue.
  • (853316, 826931) – Multiplayer: Made sure isLocalPlayer works as expected on OnDestroy.
  • (none) – Networking: Skip proxy check when using the “file://” protocol on Windows.
  • (828188) – Physics: Display message in Inspector for Rigidbody2D when auto-mass is used on a Prefab or an inactive object.
  • (829769) – Physics 2D: Ensure that Rigidbody2D interpolation is reset if the Transform rotation is changed.
  • (715922) – Physics 2D: Fixed some 2D polygon outlines that were almost collinear causing collision detection problems.
  • (764734) – Shadows: Fixed a memory leak and assert when shadows are cast from lights with specific properties and in a specific scene setup.
  • (857270) – Substance: Fixed a crash when compressing small non-square textures to ETC with ‘fast’ quality.
  • (none) – Test: Corrected CHECK_EQUAL parameter and added another check for validation call count.
  • (856733) – UI: Fixed a curve preview cache not updating preview if curve data had changed but not the bounds.
  • (845756) – UI: Fixed a NullReferenceException when changing font to none.
  • (861467) – VCS: Don’t attempt to connect to a Perforce server if any of the following parameters are unset: Server, User or Client.
  • (none) – VR: Fixed the usage of VRSettings.renderViewportScale in Camera’s OnPreCull so that it was not a frame latent on all supporting SDKs. Fixed issues with Valve’s Renderer adaptive quality feature.
  • (858634) – VR: Y-Axis Range For VR Controllers now match XBox controllers
  • (759286, 782587) – WebGL: Disabled deferred rendering on webgl1.0.
  • (850383) – WebGL: Fixed build with improperly tagged plugins
  • (none) – WebGL: Fixed Content-Length header field for local web server response that caused some audio files to have .duration == inf or zero. This was not reproducible with the normal workflow but could occur with a specific asset store plugin for webgl audio streaming.

As always, the patch is available for download here.

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