Unity Release Patch 5.5.2p3


Unity have released a new patch, this one bringing the Unity game engine to version 5.5.2p3.  The patch is composed entirely of fixes including:

  • (868587) – Animation : Fixed a race condition in the legacy animation system which could cause a crash if a GameObject and an Animation assigned to that GameObject were deleted in the same frame.
  • (864273) – Editor: Fixed an issue with deselect of single selected item in hierarchy with ctrl/cmd+click.
  • (864246) – Editor: Fix for time not updating in Editor if play mode is entered and then exited while paused.
  • (861345) – Editor: Fixed an issue with vertex snapping jumping to extreme values in isometric view.
  • (858292) – GI : Fix for lightmaps not being loaded in a standalone player when loading scene through an AssetBundle.
  • (862215) – GI : Fix for lightprobe gizmos being rendered too bright in Linear color space.
  • (none) – Graphics : Fixed D3D12 cubemap mip generation.
  • (868935) – Scripting: Fixed MonoBehaviour array field with initializer getting resized to 0 by serialization.
  • (none) – Tizen: Fixed a crash that occurred when an app tried to exit.
  • (858645) – UI : Fixed the issue of fonts created at runtime not showing up when added to text.
  • (none) – VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.12. This fixed a GearVR timeout issue.
  • (886630) – Windows: Fixed the logging code in the Windows Editor/Standalone player so that messages got printed at once instead of one byte at the time.


As always you can download the patch here.  In addition to the patch Unity released an updated post outlining the future of their networking support for the Unity engine.

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