Unity Release Patch 5.5.2p4


Another Unity patch has arrived, this one version 5.5.2p4, once again entirely composed of bug fixes. 

New fixes in this patch:

  • (851523) – Android: Fixed incorrect dangerous permissions dialog behavior when the app was suspended while the dialog was on screen.
  • (888274) – Android: Fixed an issue where ApplicationId was missing from AndroidManifest.xml in Gradle builds.
  • (887998) – Animation: Fixed Assert Thread::CurrentThreadIsMainThread() from Animator::IsHuman() when run in a job thread.
  • (884643) – Animation: Fixed a crash when re-enabling GameObject that was running a Playable.
  • (884472) – Asset Pipeline: Fixed a crash that occurred when loading the same asset both synchronously and asynchronously simultaneously.
  • (864237) – Graphics: Fixed an issue with Assert “Texture aux property (unity_SpecCube0_HDR) should never be a built-in name!”.
  • (851265) – Graphics: Fixed a crash when switching from DX12 to DX11 graphics API in the Editor.
  • (887912) – IOS: Added support in order to enable auto-rotation while broadcasting using ReplayKit.
  • (788515) – iOS: Fixed Airplay mirroring mode when using Open GLES.
  • (876169) – Particles: Fixed a NullReferenceException, when Inherit Velocity was set to less or more than 0 and Rigidbody2D was set to Dynamic.
  • (890937) – Physics 2D: CapsuleCollider2D now correctly calculates its mass when using auto-mass.
  • (888302) – Scripting: Fixed a coroutine crash in Coroutine::CompareCoroutineEnumerator.
  • (881103) – Shaders: Fixed an internal error on a GLSL/Metal shader compiling corner case.
  • (886841) – VR: Fixed a subtle timing bug on Rift that could cause very minor view stuttering in certain situations.


The patch is available for download here.

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