Unity Splash Screen Tool Arrives in Unity 5.5 Beta


One of the major features announced when Unity added the “Plus” tier was the addition of the Splash screen tool.  This tool would enable Plus and Pro subscribers to remove the Made With Unity splash screen completely, while also allowing greater customization for users the chose to keep the logo.  Basically it breaks down, per tier as:

Plus and Pro subscribers

You will have the choice to:

  • Use the new tools, include the Made with Unity co-branding
  • Use the new tools, and remove the Made with Unity co-branding
  • Remove the splash screen and roll your own solution.


While for the free tier:

Personal Edition Users

You’ll have the same splash screen tools as everyone else, but we’ll include the Made With Unity co-branding, positioned either below, or sequentially with your branding design.

For all Unity users, the new splash screen tools now feature a range of easy to configure options: You can choose whether to display a dark or light Made with Unity branding and your company logo on sequential screens or combined on a single screen, and whether to use an image or a solid colour as a background. You also have the option to show several logos on sequential screens, for instance a publisher logo followed by a developer logo. And lastly, you can choose between a static logo or a dolly animation, or opt to define the custom parameters of the logo animation using the Logo Duration, Logo Zoom, and Background Zoom properties.


Unity just released a video showing the new tool in action.


There are however some known issues with the initial release:

  • We still need to add an API so the splash screen can be configured from script.
  • WebGL: We have some upcoming changes that will show a simplified version of the splash screen immediately and then blend to the new one.
  • STV: There is an issue when drawing the splash screen on Samsung TV, we are working on this and will have a fix before the end of the beta period.
  • VR: The VR splash screen is a placeholder, we have plans to add support for a 3D version during the beta period.


You can read more about the splash screen tool release here.  The tool is included in the just released 5.5.0b3 release.

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