Unreal Add Rural Australia Environment to Permanently Free Collection

Earlier in the month, Epic Games did their regular Unreal Engine monthly giveaway. In the more recent months, when there isn’t an asset in the permanently free category, later in the month Unreal release a new asset later in the month. This month is no exception as we now have the Rural Australia environment for Unreal, which you can acquire here.

Features of the asset include:

  • High quality, optimised, photogrammetry based Australia assets
  • Example maps including a procedurally populated 1×1 km landscape, along with a country road, and river canyon
  • Landscape setup with multiple materials and procedurally scattered foliage
  • Props such as signs, fence, and road surface to distribute with ease via splines
  • Includes a link within the project files to download high resolution textures for the nature assets (up to 8k)

In another note, in the Free For The Month collection, the Animal Farm Sounds asset was also added. This is a collection of 90 game ready animal sound effects that goes along with the animal theme of this months assets. You have until the first Tuesday in May to acquire this months free assets. The new Australia Asset is in the permanently free category so obviously you have no deadline there.

You can learn more about the Rural Australia environment and see it in action in the video below.

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