Unreal Bucket Beta Preview

Today we are taking an early look at currently in beta Unreal Engine resource service Unreal Bucket. Unreal Bucket is a collection of 3D model assets that are ready to use in Unreal Engine, sometimes preconfigured with dynamic Blueprints, other times with predefined Unreal materials that can be easily customized.

The service is implemented as an Unreal Engine plugin. To install simply extract the UnrealBucket folder from the downloaded zip file and place in the Unreal Engine plugins direct, then enable the plugin within Unreal Engine. Now you will be able to download models directly within Unreal Engine by clicking the UnrealBucket icon.

Unreal Bucket Icon installed

Features of UnrealBucket include:

  • Optimized geometry with a balance between quality and triangle count
  • Consistent to Unreal standard prefixes and suffixes on file names
  • Consistently scaled UVs and optimal texture resolutions
  • Multiple optimized LODs
  • PBR calibrated assets to look good in any lighting scenario
  • Correct pivot point positioning

Currently there are about 150 assets in the catalog and no details about pricing, although several assets are marked as free. When dealing with game assets the devil is always in the details, specifically the license, and here is the license for Unreal Bucket assets.

UnrealBucket is currently in private beta, you can apply here. You can learn more about Unreal Bucket and see it in action in the video below.

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