Unreal Engine 4.13.1 Hotfix


Epic have released a new hotfix for Unreal Engine, this one 4.13.1.  As the name suggests, 4.13.1 is entirely composed of bug fixes.  These fixes include:


Fixed! UE-35735 Crash Occurs While Running EQS Using Add Generated Vector Node
Fixed! UE-35852 AI Move To Location zeros velocity each call, causing the AI Pawn to freeze if told to move again before reaching destination
Fixed! UE-35585 Migration from 4.12.5 to 4.13 can result in Blueprint functions losing input/ouput variables
Fixed! UE-35609 Delay nodes used in a macro cause subsequent macro calls during the delay to never complete
Fixed! UE-35728 Some files in the Git repo have inconsistent line endings on Linux
Fixed! UE-36107 Cannot create installed build on Linux
Fixed! UE-35236 Launcher installed build is missing the Documentation/Extras folder
Fixed! UE-36214 Crash in TMap struct deserializer
Fixed! UE-35884 Crash when pressing enter after a shape has closed when using the Geometry editor
Fixed! UE-35822 CRASH: Occurring in UTEditor when attempting to re-order BSP brushes
Fixed! UE-35048 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_PropertyEditor!FDetailCategoryImpl::GetParentLayoutImpl() [detailcategorybuilderimpl.h:168]
Fixed! UE-35482 Selecting a brush surface that is flush with other brush surfaces selects all of them after Building Geometry
Fixed! UE-35627 Lightmap Coordinate Index is not automatically set to 1 on import any longer with lightmap UV
Fixed! UE-35608 FBX & OBJ Files no longer Import with their UVs Depending on Software Used
Fixed! UE-36383 Crash moving a spline point after making it the root component of a blueprint
Fixed! UE-35658 Editor crash when a spline component is added to a blueprint and compiled
Fixed! UE-36096 Inifinite loop in tick task manager with tick when paused and interval
Fixed! UE-35254 Editor crashes when importing alembic asset
Fixed! UE-36121 Crash when importing new mesh and regenerating skeleton for additive animation
Fixed! UE-35546 Pose flickering when changing lods and using Layered Blend per Bone
Fixed! UE-35353 Crash when spawning destructible objects in 2 player PIE
Fixed! UE-35639 HLOD generated proxy doesn’t create or assign target lightmap coordinate index any longer
Fixed! UE-35494 Invisible landscape components when using tessellation
Fixed! UE-35873 LODBias causes landscape component to stop rendering if set >0 and Forced LOD set to -1
Fixed! UE-35301 Crash saving hidden landscape streaming level with offset
Fixed! UE-35850 Crash in landscape editor with early Z pass
Fixed! UE-35709 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Landscape!FLandscapeEditDataInterface::SetAlphaData() [landscapeeditinterface.cpp:2617]
Fixed! UE-36321 Editor Crashes After Deleting Actor with Media Texture
Fixed! UE-36289 WmfMedia: Memory leak while playing videos
Fixed! UE-35477 File Media Source assets created via drag & drop have absolute instead of relative path
Fixed! UE-35504 PS4 Media player has potentially dangerous memory management
Fixed! UE-35696 PS4Media: CPU/GPU may crash due to race condition in destructor
Fixed! UE-35598 Devices reporting OpenGL ES 3.2 such as Galaxy Note 7 detect as ES2-only
Fixed! UE-35179 Need to fall back to GLES if Vulkan API version is too old
Fixed! UE-34782 GPU particles no longer work on iOS or TVOS Metal devices
Fixed! UE-33379 Cannot select Android RHI and feature level from device profile
Fixed! UE-35258 ES2 Fallback Fails on Nougat Devices that do not support Vulkan
Fixed! UE-35261 Android sessions do not appear in Session Frontend
Fixed! UE-32340 HTML5 packaging fails with Github couldn’t verify LLVM version
Fixed! UE-32086 Bloom blur produces multi-colored artifacts at the bottom of the screen on Xbox.
Fixed! UE-35492 PS4 deployment does not deploy all the required files.
Fixed! UE-35743 Packaging for Android while using Online Framework and Online Subsystem Steam Plugins cause failure
Fixed! UE-35185 Opening a widget blueprint on Linux causes editor to crash
Fixed! UE-35738 IPv6 implementation is not working on IOS
Fixed! UE-30959 Remove all HITCHHUNTER warnings in next release (4.13)
Fixed! UE-36342 Texture issues with movie player active on Android
Fixed! UE-35363 Huge game window when launching onto Safari 9.1.2
Fixed! UE-35558 Writing to a file on Android doesn’t update the tracked file length
Fixed! UE-35907 Slate Remote Enable Remove Server option in Project Settings -> Plugins causes editor to freeze and a memory leak
Fixed! UE-36099 Dots on screen on PS4
Fixed! UE-35794 PS4 can hang on GPU when using lit translucent surface materials
Fixed! UE-26375 Crash when editing draw size for a widget component
Fixed! UE-17227 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!DoReadTaskResults() [shadercompiler.cpp:147]
Fixed! UE-35240 Protostar crashes on launch on Mac
Fixed! UE-28708 GitHub 2188 : Fixed a crash exiting VR Preview on Windows GL4.
Fixed! UE-35320 Stop>Set Sequence>Play causes spawnables to be duplicated
Fixed! UE-35508 Master sequence dialog button is hidden
Fixed! UE-35588 Incorrect translation from matinee move sub tracks to sequencer
Fixed! UE-35285 Sequencer stop node does not return camera to player
Fixed! UE-35571 Sequence recording in standalone crashes
Fixed! UE-35107 Matinee to Level Sequence converter doesn’t bind properties
Fixed! UE-22581 Black artifacts/semi-circles on sides of morpheus when moving left to right
Fixed! UE-36076 PS4Tracker’s motion sensor data needs to use a valid sizeOfThis
Fixed! UE-35520 sceKernelWaitEqueue timeout in MorpheusHMD.cpp fix for 4.13.1
Fixed! UE-34986 Need to merge Oculus Online Subsystem Plugin update to expose Android support
Fixed! UE-34786 Editor primitives render incorrectly in stereoscopic with instanced stereo
Fixed! UE-35881 PSVR hmdSetupDialog cancel asserts on app startup
Fixed! UE-36307 PSVR Motion Sensors Need 120hz Update
Fixed! UE-33763 GearVR applications show black screen on Adreno devices
Fixed! UE-36078 Integrate fixes for GoogleVR SDK 1.0
Fixed! UE-35528 PSVR UE4 stuttering issue
Fixed! UE-35344 Crash when playing a HapticFeedbackEffect_Soundwave
Fixed! UE-35964 Crash playing a HapticFeedbackEffect_Soundwave with no sound assigned


As always the hotfix is available using the Epic Game Launcher.

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