Unreal Engine 4.15.1 Hotfix Released


Epic have released a new hotfix for Unreal Engine, 4.15.1.  This update is composed entirely of fixes, including:

Fixed! UE-42385 Crash adding an AnimComposite to itself
Fixed! UE-41929 Crash on reimport animation when there is an additive animation track and fbx frame number is different
Fixed! UE-41921 Crash Re-Importing animation with Additive Layer Tracks after adding a bone to the hierarchy
Fixed! UE-41817 Crash when manipulating Bone Space IK before setting EffectorSpaceBoneName
Fixed! UE-40025 Inconsistant Line Trace behavior
Fixed! UE-42756 UnrealVS not installing correctly for VS2017
Fixed! UE-42321 Unable to launch project from Visual Studio using installed engine build
Fixed! UE-42411 Resource files are not recompiled when Version.h changes
Fixed! UE-42205 Hot reload reported as failed in Visual Studio for projects opened in the Editor after having hot reloads performed successfully previously
Fixed! UE-42507 check(PIEInstanceID != -1) fails when executing SeamlessTravel
Fixed! UE-42480 SetVectorParameterValueOnMaterials In Construction Script Not Working in Packaged Game
Fixed! UE-42459 BP nativization doesn’t work with localized text
Fixed! UE-42166 Crash when pressing Ctrl-Z after creating a blueprint function
Fixed! UE-41893 Child blueprints cannot override functions if their parent was nativized
Fixed! UE-41168 Crash opening blueprint when a node class has been removed (e.g., anim blueprint with Ragdoll node with Immediate Mode plugin disabled)
Fixed! UE-42209 Incorrect error message when child actor mobility doesn’t match
Fixed! UE-42253 Enum Element Names Reset on Project Upgrade
Fixed! UE-42375 No input received from Raw Input device when packaged for 32bit
Fixed! UE-39884 Foliage LODs do not appear to use the base LODs lightmap any longer
Fixed! UE-42390 Ad banner is displayed incorrectly on Android 7.0 devices
Fixed! UE-42361 Slate UI asset colors washed out on iOS
Fixed! UE-42191 Scene Captures not working on Android
Fixed! UE-42036 Exposure Is More Extreme In High-End Mobile Preview Modes
Fixed! UE-42368 Find Sessions Consistently Returning Results Length of 0
Fixed! UE-42452 No textures listed when selecting material
Fixed! UE-42789 Rebuilding lighting not saving rebuilt light data
Fixed! UE-42196 Static meshes with auto-generated LODs can no longer share lightmaps between LODs
Fixed! UE-42179 Crash in FStreamingTextureLevelContext::GetBuildDataIndexRef
Fixed! UE-42165 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FReflectionEnvironmentSceneData::ResizeCubemapArrayGPU() [reflectionenvironment.cpp:215]
Fixed! UE-42102 Cooked build size increase due to MIC problem
Fixed! UE-41950 GitHub 3252 : Added MobileMaterialInterface to UsedMaterials
Fixed! UE-29491 Eye Adaption is incorrect at any size other than Fullscreen in PIE
Fixed! UE-42554 Regression: Visibility property is not seen in the animation track in UMG
Fixed! UE-42210 Crash when using Ctrl+Z to undo a single digit change in the size of a widget
Fixed! UE-41829 Crash scrubbing through sequencer when playing montage from old assets
Fixed! UE-42665 Update default super search engine to Bing
Fixed! UE-42428 Enabling “Show Only Modified Properties” causes details panel menu to disappear
Fixed! UE-42312 Crash when saving a Data Table that is referencing itself in a Data Table Row Handle
Fixed! UE-35606 Crash when Importing .OBJ using the File > Import into Level Option
Fixed! UE-42669 “Package localization ID mismatch during cook!” log spam
Fixed! UE-41797 Update to Korean localization
Fixed! UE-42106 Edge case where cursor can become hidden in gameplay
Fixed! UE-42631 Stereo off while prox sensor uncovered causes low framerate
Fixed! UE-42576 Oculus crash on “stereo on” when the proximity sensor is not triggered.
Fixed! UE-42101 [daydream] Black screen with FirstPersonTemplate and 4.15P4
Fixed! UE-41604 Integrate fix for improper failure case for allocation of RenderTargets in Oculus
Fixed! UE-41568 Need to enable GearVR on Win64 platforms


As always, the hotfix is available for download in the Epic Game Launcher.

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