Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview 3 Released


Epic have just released preview 3 of their upcoming 4.15 release.  As always, being a preview release, you should expect bugs and warts in this release and it should not be used in production.  With that in mind, this release brings a number of fixes, including:

Fixed! UE-40753 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_LevelEditor!FLevelEditorActionCallbacks::Paste_CanExecute() [leveleditoractions.cpp:1602]
Fixed! UE-41130 User Defined Enums may lose their display names on upgrade to 4.15
Fixed! UE-41073 Crash when opening blueprint with collapsed nodes with structure output, split pin
Fixed! UE-41072 Implemented Interfaces are not added to nativization list
Fixed! UE-41070 Data only blueprints are not not nativized when flagged to do so
Fixed! UE-41071 Parent blueprint not added to nativization array if only child saved
Fixed! UE-41190 Ensure failure !bStaticCall nativizing blueprint calling blueprint function library function
Fixed! UE-37815 BulkData Async loading remains in memory
Fixed! UE-38767 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Core!FArchive::SerializeCompressed() [archive.cpp:447]
Fixed! UE-41125 Static mesh LODs other than LOD0 cannot be set to screen sizes greater than 1
Fixed! UE-41220 Crash when adding multiple collision types to a mesh
Fixed! UE-40791 The Play button on the ForceFeedback effect icons is missing
Fixed! UE-41294 Reimporting skeletal mesh clears material references from material slots
Fixed! UE-41126 HISMC UpdateInstanceTransform blueprint function does not update bounds correctly
Fixed! UE-40525 CommitMapChange doesn’t fully deal with sub-levels
Fixed! UE-40939 Inconsistent line ending prompts occur in Visual Studio after adding Vehicle C++ feature pack
Fixed! UE-41163 Material curves keeps resetting to 0.f
Fixed! UE-41216 Additive Pose Asset arms become over exteneded when blended with reference pose
Fixed! UE-41082 Fix crash on cache bone with sub instance
Fixed! UE-40945 Crash trying to import facial animations
Fixed! UE-41143 Crash when launching engine without a windows audio device enabled.
Fixed! UE-41112 Crash when Dragging Skeletal Mesh with Apex Clothing into Level
Fixed! UE-37270 Changing transform of simulated component during physics freezes motion
Fixed! UE-39884 Foliage LODs are do not appear to use the base LODs lightmap any longer
Fixed! UE-40480 Ensure encountered when using the Copy/Paste sub-tool in sculpt mode
Fixed! UE-41271 Localization broken in cooked builds due to missing meta-data during cook
Fixed! UE-41253 Mobile / Use Full Precision not working on Metal
Fixed! UE-41023 Scene capture produces black texture on encoding devices with mobileHDR == false
Fixed! UE-39451 Web browser widget causes app to crash when packaging for Distribution on Android
Fixed! UE-40927 Projects crash on Android when trying to load mips
Fixed! UE-39911 Failed checkSlow(IsInGameThread()); in UWorld::GetWorldSettings
Fixed! UE-40524 Issues with PrepareMapChange/CommitMapChange and Level Collections
Fixed! UE-40810 Crash opening Infiltrator packaged on Windows for Linux
Fixed! UE-41198 Spinbox value decimal point is moved one place to the right when edited on Android
Fixed! UE-36984 TestPAL fails to compile
Fixed! UE-41146 Crash in editor when audio is playing
Fixed! UE-40451 Blueprint – User configured tvOS Bundle ID is not set properly during packaging
Fixed! UE-40392 GitHub 3111 : Fix environment variable name to the correct legacy LINUX_ROOT.
Fixed! UE-40023 UFE Deploying and launching a packaged build on Linux fails due to invalid directory
Fixed! UE-40761 Various audio clips are not playing in Elemental Demo on PS4
Fixed! UE-41209 PS4SharePlay errors are produced when launching onto PS4 with UnrealFrontEnd
Fixed! UE-41183 Crash Occurs when changing the ‘Max Metal Shader Standard To Target’ option within iOS Project Settings
Fixed! UE-38691 Launch On from Windows to Linux fails with missing GLSL_430 shaders
Fixed! UE-37016 GitHub 2842 : [Linux] Fix bootstrap script so it is independent on working dir
Fixed! UE-40956 Rare crash occurs in CoreAudio in Vehicle Game on Mac when quitting.
Fixed! UE-41042 GitHub 3160 : Fixed `ADB` being incorrectly set to `ANDROID_HOME`.
Fixed! UE-41079 NpToolkit2 fails to initialize in 6CPU mode on PS4
Fixed! UE-41167 Shader complexity is broken in the forward renderer
Fixed! UE-39754 Crash: Changing Material Property Overrides of Material Instance
Fixed! UE-40736 “Too many texture coordinate sets” warnings in KiteDemo
Fixed! UE-40873 Shadows of small movable components popping out
Fixed! UE-41193 Update material node tooltips based on 4.15 preview feedback.
Fixed! UE-40482 Ensure occurs when turning on Constraints in Advanced Show Flags
Fixed! UE-40980 Fix mem corruption on particles on PS4
Fixed! UE-40724 Large round stone in ZenGarden is no longer reflective
Fixed! UE-41138 Flickering in Elemental Demo when TemporalAA and bloom is enabled
Fixed! UE-41099 SpeedTree Material No Longer Compiles With Texture Coordinate Node In BaseColor
Fixed! UE-41008 LogApexClothingUtils Warning when opening QAGame
Fixed! UE-41311 Time snapping interval is not updating the timeline in UMG Sequencer
Fixed! UE-40682 Animations that overlap and blend together break when undoing
Fixed! UE-40758 Events on frame 0 fire twice
Fixed! UE-41019 Sequencer does not refresh on creating a new camera if Default Property Tracks is empty
Fixed! UE-41010 Fix up actors remove actor from sequencer folder.
Fixed! UE-41148 Logstreaming warning when opening the editor: “LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file ‘Common/RoundedSelection_16x.png’ error.”
Fixed! UE-40070 VREditor: Laser not hidden on MotionControllers with docked Menu/UI Panels


As always, the preview release is available using the Epic Game Launcher.

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