Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview 4 Released


Epic Games have just released Unreal Engine 4.15 preview 4.  This release is composed entirely of fixes.  From the release notes:

We have just released Preview 4 for 4.15! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.15 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

Fixed in Preview 4 – CL 3286799
Fixed! UE-41213 Persona – Scene Setup not working correctly
Fixed! UE-41389 Crash in Skeletal Editor due to null ActorFactory reference
Fixed! UE-41376 Pitch and LPF parameters updated incorrectly in audio mixer
Fixed! UE-41377 Audio device hot swap fails for extreme audio device ranges
Updated! UE-41450 PhysicsBall BP not updating location with Collision volumes
Fixed! UE-41497 Illegal Else Without Matching If
Fixed! UE-41474 Putty directory is missing from EngineExtrasThirdPartyNotUE in binary builds from the Launcher
Fixed! UE-40740 Unable to escape from the truck in PlatformerGame
Fixed! UE-38060 Ribbon Trails are inconsistent in Content Examples
Fixed! UE-41353 MatineeFightScene too dark due to tonemapperfilm changes
Fixed! UE-41368 Subway Sequencer too dark due to tonemapper film changes in 4.15
Fixed! UE-41360 Incorrect camera starting position in PlatformerGame
Fixed! UE-41359 Crash in FTickFunction::RegisterTickFunction
Fixed! UE-41333 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_AssetRegistry!FAssetRegistry::GetSubClasses() [assetregistry.cpp:2803]
Fixed! UE-41339 Second Controller input not recognized on console
Fixed! UE-41298 iOS Device displays textures darker than in Editor
Fixed! UE-41498 PS4 differential patch size is abnormally large
Fixed! UE-41565 Movie playback not keeping texture filtering settings when switching contexts
Fixed! UE-40779 Crash occurs with PlatformMediaSource called in infinite loop
Fixed! UE-40063 Crash when a material with a texture parameter is deleted when it has instances with static permutations
Fixed! UE-41283 Engine Scalability view distance settings are not being reflected accurately in the viewport
Fixed! UE-41380 Clicking reimport on a skeletal mesh crashes the editor – UE4Editor_Engine!USkeleton::GetSmartNameContainer() [skeleton.cpp:1410]
Fixed! UE-41496 QAGame Controller Loses Focus on Edge of Viewport
Fixed! UE-41113 Widgets can no longer take focus after clicking somewhere other than the widget itself
Fixed! UE-41495 Crash setting actor rotation via details panel in VR editor


As always the preview version is available for download using the Epic Game Launcher.  Also, as always, this is not a release intended for production use, you have been warned.

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