Unreal Engine 4.20 Preview 4 Released

Unreal Engine 4.20 just got one step closer to production ready with the release of 4.20 preview 4.  Generally preview 1 is the release with all new bells and whistles (like the new Niagara particle system), while each subsequent preview is all about purging the bugs and ironing out kinks that are discovered and preview 4 is no exception.  This release contains 100% product fixes, but there are quite a few of them.  If you are interested in learning more about the functionality that is being added in 4.20 be sure to check out our video, also embedded below.

Details from the release forum post:

Fixed! UE-59810 SkelMeshMerge not working for meshes with >1 LOD
Fixed! UE-44910 Skeletons don’t cook in a deterministic way
Fixed! UE-60856 Pose Asset crash – update source crash when curve is added
Fixed! UE-60561 Nothing in timeline for Blending_ControlRig sequence
Fixed! UE-60486 Project fails to reopen after adding a feature pack
Fixed! UE-60902 nDisplay icons are not set
Fixed! UE-60870 Once Autoplay has been disabled, it cannot be re-enabled
Fixed! UE-60867 Black squares on ActionRPG landscape on device
Fixed! UE-60758 ActionRPG has outdated UE branding for app icon for Windows
Fixed! UE-60746 Update RemoteSessionApp project to have Simple VirtualCamera sample level
Fixed! UE-60677 Character can be instantly reoriented during some animations
Fixed! UE-60674 iOS has the wrong Launch Image in ActionRPG
Fixed! UE-60675 ActionRPG Android defaults to Vulkan
Fixed! UE-60671 Background is black on devices because fog is not rendering
Fixed! UE-60672 Pillar pops in vision when crossing middle of map
Fixed! UE-60634 ARPG – Android Launch Image
Fixed! UE-60633 ARPG – Blur backups on es3.1
Fixed! UE-60577 Landscape in ActionRPG is default material in Mobile PIE (ES2)
Fixed! UE-60558 VehicleGame launcher sample is missing some default inputs
Fixed! UE-59041 Late feature : MDL/AXF importer
Fixed! UE-59798 Late feature : AJA Media
Fixed! UE-59438 Late feature : Virtual Set sample
Fixed! UE-60898 AjaMedia.uplugin has EngineVersion set
Fixed! UE-60772 Transparency and fading do not work in MeshEditor
Fixed! UE-60723 Import CAD – Crash on re-import after deleting & undo deleting light source
Fixed! UE-60803 Datasmith – Generate lightmap UVs is disabled at import
Fixed! UE-54417 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!StaticAllocateObject() [uobjectglobals.cpp:2305]
Fixed! UE-60438 When Client Side Navigation is enabled, it is only initialized Server Side
Fixed! UE-59055 Crash occurs when interacting with pop out widget for Debug Filter drop down within the Blueprint editor
Fixed! UE-60254 Rare crash closing the editor after packaging with Nativization enabled
Fixed! UE-60794 Editor crashes when accepting target in Merge Tool
Fixed! UE-60774 Crash opening new level with current level and sublevel blueprints open
Fixed! UE-60759 Crash diffing two blueprint and reloading one of them
Fixed! UE-60661 Match3 fails to package with Nativization for Android, ‘Function does not have a parameter named ‘MoveType”
Fixed! UE-60873 Crash compiling an Anim Blueprint used in as a Sub Anim Instance twice after changing a variable to Text
Fixed! UE-60872 Crash compiling an Anim Blueprint used in as a Sub Anim Instance twice after changing a variable to String
Fixed! UE-60878 Changing parameter type will lose pin values (but not connections)
Fixed! UE-60711 Reloading blueprint with Diff window open will crash the editor
Fixed! UE-60705 Crash – Triggering a Blueprint Breakpoint Multiple times with the Blueprint Editor closed Crashes the Editor
Fixed! UE-60625 All pins are orphaned on a custom event call node when a pin is changed on the custom event
Fixed! UE-60624 Hang when hosting an online ShooterGame match
Fixed! UE-60584 Crash when doing PIE from Override Binding assets in QAGame
Fixed! UE-60047 SDL2 needs to be rebuilt for armhf (32bit)
Fixed! UE-59943 Linux crash on startup with Cook On The Fly
Fixed! UE-59928 Linux: suppressing -fPIE does not work as intended.
Fixed! UE-60217 User is not prompted to install the toolchain provided by UE4 when generating project files on Linux with an old clang version
Fixed! UE-60858 Unknown project file type ‘CLion error when generating project files for CLion
Fixed! UE-60596 TestPAL crashes with MallocProfiler when trying to run on Linux
Fixed! UE-60566 Standard error is spammed with “Used memory before allocating anything was”
Fixed! UE-60398 4.20 modular binaries don’t start on a number of Linux distros (Fedora, CentOS, Arch)
Fixed! UE-57836 Crash dragging MaterialImportTest.abc with materials into level
Fixed! UE-60146 Linux: EXR Image Sequences Render Black
Fixed! UE-60767 ARM server fails to build with: undefined reference to SDL_ConfineCursor
Fixed! UE-60242 Android Rendering issues on ARPG in Vulkan
Fixed! UE-59864 RemoteSessionApp has no UE splash (loads with black screen)
Fixed! UE-59576 Blending on meshes in Landscapes umap is not rendering properly in High End Mobile Preview or HTMl5
Fixed! UE-60781 Blackscreen in app on Galaxy S6 SM-G920F
Fixed! UE-60560 iOS: Errors During Build Step with dSYM File Included Due to Space In Project Path
Fixed! UE-58463 Thermals are Nominal message appears on DebugGame and Development iOS packages
Fixed! UE-57315 Match3 Sig 11 crash with GL RHIThread enabled
Fixed! UE-60277 Vulkan -sm5 application fails to load: Error: The global shader cache file SF_VULKAN_SM4.bin is missing
Fixed! UE-59572 Depth’ blur needs to work on the new DOF
Fixed! UE-59535 Enabling Support Compute Skincache causes textures to render incorrectly on SK_Mannequin in game
Fixed! UE-59784 Static Mesh LODs are not changing their color based upon distance
Fixed! UE-59425 Movable Volumetric Fog causing black artifacts on Particle Lights
Fixed! UE-60901 DOF: take coc radius error into account when binning gathering sample
Fixed! UE-60854 Diaphragm DOF second coc dilate is not being used
Fixed! UE-60808 Material Collection Not Updated
Fixed! UE-60775 MetalRHI: “FMetalShaderPipeline does not have member named…” errors compiling Test config
Fixed! UE-59307 Add support for Compressed Volume textures in Vulkan
Fixed! UE-60612 Crash in FD3D11DynamicRHI::SetResourcesFromTables
Fixed! UE-57601 ShooterGame menu flashes in Vulkan on Linux
Fixed! UE-53183 Re-do optimization from 3689687
Fixed! UE-56009 Warning: Ambiguous search when launching TM-PhysicalLightUnits
Fixed! UE-60268 Min Roughness light parameter not functioning properly
Fixed! UE-60421 Extremely low frames on Context Examples – UMG with -vulkan
Fixed! UE-60944 PIE after an Undo of an Added Sub-scene causes a crash related to UMovieSceneTrack::GetMaxRowIndex()
Fixed! UE-60736 Using the Create Level Sequence Player node starts the sequence at a Random Start Time
Fixed! UE-60686 Tracks referencing the same sequencer don’t work properly in package build
Fixed! UE-60841 Asset Size Mapper window text is clipped when High DPI is enabled
Fixed! UE-60730 Texture Editor viewport glitches when editing adjustment attributes
Fixed! UE-60699 Crash overwriting a recently-saved level
Fixed! UE-60926 Camera Safe frames offset when High DPI Support is enabled
Fixed! UE-60918 Vertices are offset from mesh when Large Verts is enabled with High DPI Support
Fixed! UE-60770 Unable to Reset to Default on various settings in the details panel of Texture Editor
Fixed! UE-60331 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Landscape!ALandscapeProxy::FlushGrassComponents() [landscapegrass.cpp:1942]
Fixed! UE-48724 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Landscape!ULandscapeInfo::UpdateLayerInfoMap() [landscape.cpp:1459]
Fixed! UE-48899 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Landscape!ULandscapeInfo::RegisterActor() [landscape.cpp:1882]
Fixed! UE-51914 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!FWeakObjectPtr::Get() [weakobjectptr.cpp:81]
Fixed! UE-60642 Modifying Curve Atlas Texture Size changes the curve index used by Material Instances
Fixed! UE-60332 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_MeshEditor!FMeshEditorMode::CreateWireframeMeshComponents() [mesheditormode.cpp:4780]
Fixed! UE-60261 EngineTest – MeshOrientation tests fail with: “Screenshot ‘MeshOrientationTests_After Runup’ test failed, Screnshots were different!”
Fixed! UE-60877 Renaming and deleting parameters from the system/emitter editor deletes and renames inputs in modules.
Fixed! UE-60874 Crash when editing float function inputs.
Fixed! UE-60847 Curve evaluation doesn’t work with interpolated spawn until interp spawn is turned off and on again
Fixed! UE-60669 Renaming an Output Pin within an Niagara Script Details Panel breaks existing connections
Fixed! UE-60548 Crash when redoing after undoing the addition of an emitter to a system
Fixed! UE-53684 Niagara emitters without render modules will have a sprite module created for them when they’re added to a system that can’t be deleted
Fixed! UE-59114 Widget clips incorrectly when added at runtime
Fixed! UE-60731 Some widget elements render on top of the editor during PIE if they are wrapped by an invalidation box
Fixed! UE-60592 Ensure when force deleting a Widget Blueprint referenced by the level Blueprint
Fixed! UE-60342 Adding the Vehicle code feature pack to a project fails to compile with ‘HMD_MODULE_INCLUDED’ errors
Fixed! UE-60884 Installed builds fail when ARKit is enabled by default
Fixed! UE-60861 There are seams in the AR environment textures when applied to a skylight
Fixed! UE-60783 ARKit 2.0 Preview Support
Fixed! UE-60556 GearVR projects are not receiving Gear trackpad input
Fixed! UE-53905 Oculus CheckIfPointWithinPlayArea function returns incorrect results
Fixed! UE-51654 SteamVR plugin ignores windowed settings and forces app into fullscreen
Fixed! UE-54455 MR Calibration: When calibrating with Vive, alignment models don’t show up
Fixed! UE-57633 ARKit: App Crashes when Swiped Off-Screen after Pressing “Start AR”
Fixed! UE-60756 LiveLink Client Panel not refreshing for sources not added through UI
Fixed! UE-60840 Crash dragging Spline Mesh Actor from modes panel into viewport

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