Unreal Engine 4.27 Released

First released in Preview back in June, Unreal Engine 4.27 was just released. From the perspective of game developers, this release is somewhat light, being instead focused heavily on film and media features. One major new feature of Unreal Engine 4.27 however is integration of Rad Game Tools (which Epic Games acquired in January) suite of compression software, Oodle and Bink video. Other game development features include improved OpenXR support for AR/VR development using a single API, improvements to USD support (check out USD in action in Unreal Engine in our NVIDIA Omniverse review) and improved GPU powered lightmapping capabilities.

Otherwise, the majority of features in the 4.27 release are mostly aimed at film production including better camera support including a new demonstration scene.

Links of interest

You can learn more about the Unreal Engine 4.27 release in the video below.

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