Unreal Engine Asset Giveaway — WE Decide The Assets!

Here on GameFromScratch.com we’ve been covering the Epic Games Unreal Engine monthly asset giveaways from the very beginning and now we have a unique opportunity, we get to chose the assets for an upcoming release! I will assemble a list of assets and send them off to Epic Games and they will reach out to the developers and hopefully include those assets in an upcoming monthly giveaway. There are of course no guarantees, but this is perhaps the best chance you’ve got to wishlist an asset to be included in the giveaway.

We have a few rough outlines for how to select the assets:

  • One stylish asset
  • One realistic asset
  • One environmental pack
  • One relevant to the archviz/automotive crowd
  • One… well, whatever we want.

Assets that have been on the Unreal Engine marketplace for a while are preferred and are more likely to be selected. I will be assembling your suggestions from the YouTube video comments and from the Discord Server. These will be compiled and sent off to Epic Games, where hopefully they can make them into a future bundle. Do keep in mind, it is entirely up to the asset creator if they wish to be included in the monthly giveaways or not.

In related Unreal Engine news, there is a massive Unreal Engine Marketplace sale on right now with 10,000+ assets up to 70% off.

Additionally they are running a competition, for professionals, amateurs and students, to show off your lighting capabilities using UE5 and Lumens, the new lighting solution. It is called Better Light than Never and ends on June 26th, 2022. You have a chance of winning cash, prizes and swag from Unreal, Sketchfab and KitBash3D.

Do be sure to check out the video below to learn more about your chase to select the free assets in an upcoming Unreal Engine giveaway.

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