Unreal Engine February 2021 Marketplace Giveaway

The first Tuesday of every month, Epic Games give away a number of marketplace assets for free for Unreal Engine developers, and February 2021 is no exception. This month contains 5 new “free for the month” assets. These assets have a price tag of $0 and if “purchased” before the start of next month’s giveaway they remain yours to use forever.

This months free assets consist of:

Stylized Modular Character


Bossy Enemy Animation Pack

Winter Forest Set

Industrial Area Hanger

One interesting thing about this month is it’s the second month straight that there were no additions to the Permanently Free Collection. In January we ended up getting a permanently free asset in the form of the Modular Downtown City pack so hopefully we see a similar release this month.

You can learn more about the February Unreal marketplace assets and see the Supermarket asset in action in the video below. If you are in the market for a powerful free video editor with a ton of special effects be sure to check out our sponsor HitFilm Express.

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