Unreal Engine February 2023 Marketplace Asset Giveaway

It’s the first Tuesday in February so that means it’s time for another Unreal Engine Marketplace Asset Giveaway! This month we have 5 “free for the month” assets, but no additions to the permanently free collection. These assets are yours to keep forever so long as you “buy” them (for $0) before the first Tuesday of the next month.

This month’s free assets include:

Character Body FX Vol 1

SimPoly Town

Ultimate FPS Puzzle Kit

Bank Building/Interior Modular Kit

Modular Sci-Fi Village

In the past when there was no addition to the permanently free collection, it was generally followed up with some kind of stand-alone release, so be sure to stay tuned to see if anything else is coming from Epic Games.

We go hands-on with all of the free February 2023 Unreal Engine assets using UE 5.1 in the video below.

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