Unreal Engine Free Assets For June 2023

It is the first Tuesday of the month, so its time for more Unreal Engine Free Assets for June 2023. The first Tuesday of each month Epic Games give away several free assets for Unreal Engine from the Unreal Engine marketplace. So long as you “buy” them (for $0) before the first Tuesday of next month, they are yours to keep forever.

This month has 5 free assets, which are:

Interaction System Startup Pack

Stylized Winder City Environment

MEDA Furniture Pack

Shanty Town Slums

Vintage Room

Key Links

Free For The Month Collection

Export From Unreal Engine to Unity, Godot or Blender

Unreal Engine to Unity in One Click

Unreal Engine 5.2 Release Details

You can see all of the assets in action in the video below. If you encounter a lighting issue in the MEDA Furniture Pack sample scenes running on Unreal Engine 5.2, be sure to select PostProcessVolume and disable Min and Max lighting values, details are shown in the video.

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