Unreal Engine Free Assets For September 2021

Every month Epic Games give away a number of free assets for Unreal Engine and this September is no exception. We have 5 new assets added to the “Free for the Month” category, as well as one asset added to the permanently free collection. The assets are yours to keep and use forever and can be used in a commercial capacity, but the assets must be “purchased” (for zero dollars) before the first Tuesday of next month, when hopefully a new set of free assets will replace them.

This months free assets include:

This months addition to the Permanently Free collection is:

In addition to these assets, they also recently added Wind Walker Echo a fully rigged character usable in UE 4.27 and UE5, who starred in the recent Unreal Engine 5 Nanite demo.

You can learn more about the free Unreal Engine marketplace assets for September in the video below.

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