Unreal Engine Giveaway: City of Brass And The Vagrant

Following hot on the heels of this month’s Unreal Marketplace giveaway as well as the release of the Medieval Environment tutorial, Epic games have released assets from The City of Brass and The Vagrant for Unreal Engine users. Since these are direct releases from Epic, they are only usable in the Unreal Engine, but can be used for free in Unreal Engine projects.

Details from the Unreal Engine blog:


Uppercut Games adds over 500 console-ready meshes with: 

  • Garden, palace, and city street tile sets
  • Vibrant rugs, vases, and other thematic decor
  • Over 700 colorful textures, materials and material instances
  • 14 stylized skeleton characters and nearly 50 animations


O.T.K. Games’ 2D collection includes:

  • Over 200 stylized textures 
  • Mix-and-matchable sprites for villages, forests, and battlefields
  • Preset level generation

You can learn more about The City of Brass and The Vagrant assets on Unreal in the video below or you can download them yourself in the Marketplace Collection on the Unreal Engine marketplace.

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