Unreal Engine July 2022 Free Assets – GameFromScratch Edition

Epic Games have just released the July 2022 Free marketplace assets for Unreal Engine. This month however is a special, as we the GameFromScratch community helped to choose the assets! Back in May I asked you to submit the assets you would be most interested seeing in an upcoming giveaway, then working with the marketplace team at Epic Games, we put together this months collection.

This month’s free assets include:

Fluid Ninja VFX Tool

Insta Deform Component

Point & Click Adventure Toolkit

Turn Based RPG Template

Wild West City Environment

Those assets are yours forever but you have to “buy” them before the first Tuesday of August 2022. In addition to the “Free for the Month” assets, the follow asset was added to the permanently free collection:

Vehicle Variety Pack Volume 2

As the name implies, the permanently free collection has no time limit and will remain free forever.

As this is a special GameFromScratch curated selection, all week we will be taking a deeper look at most of the assets in the bundle. You can learn more about the Unreal Engine July 2022 marketplace asset giveaways and see the Wild West pack in action, in the video below.

Thanks to everyone that submitted their wishlist of free assets and if your selection didn’t make it into this months choices, stay tuned for future giveaways with fingers crossed!

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