Unreal Engine June 2021 Marketplace Giveaway

Hot on the heels of the preview release of Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games have also released several more assets in the Unreal Engine June marketplace giveaway. This month 5 new assets have been added, and they are yours free forever if purchased before the first Tuesday of July 2021. In addition there was one asset added to the permanently free collection, which as the name suggests has no time limit.

This month’s assets include:

The new addition to the permanently free collection is:

Additionally until June 5th 2021, there is a marketplace sale of up to 70% off on the Unreal Engine market. You can learn more about this month’s free Unreal Engine assets in action (in UE5 to boot!) in the video below. The Unreal Engine monthly assets are available here while the permanently free collection is available here. If you are interested in the process of exporting assets from Unreal Engine you can check out our tutorial available here.

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